Spank Me!

Spank Me!
Spank Me! By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Kissy Fairchild and Skip Bates … 2014


Every day at one time or other … he … needs to be … spanked! You know … you hear about such all the time. He’s no different … he’s so happy when he is … spanked.



He backs up with his rear to you … wiggles it … makes a sound like a bear … growling! He wants to let you know to … spank him! He is in ‘Spank Heaven’ … when you notice, and say … “I’m going to ‘pank-pank’ you”!



You reach out, begin to pat his bottom, gently … he is wiggling the whole time, growling … sounding like a bear. He is so happy!



Our huge Rottie loves to be … ‘pank-panked’! The ‘spanks’ are gentle pats on his behind … while he is being ‘spanked’ … we talk baby talk to him.



He growls in the sweetest ‘bear’ voice … wiggling his behind the whole time. Kissy Fairchild, our Rottie, has been doing that since he was a baby. Now, he weighs way over 100 pounds, and is going to be 4 years old on … November 02nd.



He loves to ‘stalk’, also. He’ll begin to walk toward me … one foot at a time … looking me in the eyes. He is very slow … deliberate. I’ll begin moving one foot at a time, looking him back in the face … moving toward him very slow … deliberate.



When we ‘meet in the middle’ … Kissy Fairchild will begin wiggling all over, run to me to be loved, hugged, kissed! It’s so precious!



Kissy knows how to ‘express himself’, also. We can say … ‘express yourself, express yourself’ … he’ll come running. He’ll grab his toy, come run around in a little circle in front of us … then, run between our legs, run back through! It’s so funny … I’m short, so … he could knock me down. I have to hold my legs strong …



Oh! When I have a long nightgown on … it’s funny! When Kissy wiggles … he is saying … hug me! or spank me!




Photo is of our Rottie, Kissy Fairchild … and my husband, Skip. Story, photo is owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee. I first wrote this story for


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