I Got His Message … Left Him Alone!

I Got His Message … Left Him Alone!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



(This is Kissy Fairchild, our Rottie now … and Chadwick Elsworth, our perfectly-mixed Pup.  We have three Pups … Camie isn’t in this photo) …

Many years ago, I did something really wild, crazy. All in the name of … trimming the nails of an … unwillingly Rottweiler.

He was the first Rottweiler I ever had. I trimmed his nail from a pup up until he was an adult. I had to begin bribing him with vanilla wafers as time went by.

It worked for a long time … I could trim his nails quickly before he finished them. Well … the day came that he didn’t want his nails trimmed, anymore ….

He would growl at me … it intimidated me! He was big enough to back it up … he wasn’t any long a baby. I tried bribing him with the … whole box of vanilla wafers. It only worked for several nails … I never got the rest of them, so ………………….

I began thinking of ways to trim his nails … without him being able to bite me. I came up with a wonderful idea … or so, I thought!

I took a sheet, cut out four holes in it for his legs. I knew his tail, head …. would be fine the way the sheet would come up around him. I found a rope to tie to the corners of the sheet (all corners together, and rope tied tightly around them).

I asked my son, Tommy …. and brother … to help me ‘hoist’ my Rottweiler into the air from a rafter above, in an unfinished room.

They did, and I went to clip his nails … I heard the most ferocious growl I’d ever heard from him. It intimidated me so much, that I told them to let him down!

Once he was down, he began wagging his little nub … and was happy! I was, too … because I felt that growl go through my body; it scared me!

I tried it once after that, with the old vanilla wafer trick … he put his big mouth on my wrist, held it firmly … looked me in the eyes! I got his message … I left him alone.

Photo, story owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka #Granny Gee &grannygee



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