How Does ‘It’ … Know To Come Looking … Who ‘It’ Is Looking For?

How Does … ‘It’ … Know To Come Looking … Who ‘It’ Is Looking For?
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

How would ‘It’ recognize me … with sunglasses on?  Through the years, if I wished something mean, bad on another … I always got … payback.  Or … did I pay back myself … for being ‘bad’?  We’ll never know …  Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee … December 2014

Watch out! A black cat just ran across the road in front of you! You had better make a big ‘X’ on the windshield! If you don’t … you will have … bad luck. I try not to draw an imaginary ‘X’ on the windshield. I’m sorry to say, I grew up hearing that … and sometimes, still react to it.

Don’t! Don’t walk under that ladder! If you do … you will experience bad luck! As for myself … why in the world would I walk under a ladder … anyway? If I did, I would just look to be sure there wasn’t a hammer laying on the step … or a bucket of red paint sitting there … ready to splash me red!

Step on a crack … break your mama’s back! Oh, my … how I used to be so careful as a child to not step on a crack! I lived in town, cracks were everywhere … I grew up with sidewalks. I didn’t want to do anything to cause harm to my mama … no matter how many times she left me. No matter how many times I … ‘hated’ her. Growing up, I realized that all the times I ‘hated’ my mother … was all that much more I loved her.

Don’t wish bad for others … it’ll come back on you! I do believe in this … I believe when you wish bad things to others … it will surely come back to … bite you in the ass. Growing up … my ass got bitten plenty of times … I wished mean things lots of times as a child… young adult. I learned to wish good things … even for people I despised.

Do unto others the way you’d want them to do … unto you. I believe in this one, too. As a young person, I did my share of spiteful things only to have them … ‘come home’ … to me. I got to feel how it felt … every ‘damn’ time!

I don’t like it when something … comes back to bite me in the … ass! It surely will … one way or other. Smile … it could be coming … for you. The sad thing is … it takes so long for some to learn this … it took me years to learn.

Have you ever gotten ‘bitten in the ass’? How did it feel? Do you even ‘know’ … when payback … comes for you? I wonder ‘how it knows’ … to come looking … and ‘who to look for’?

Photo/story both are owned by me #Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ #Granny Gee


3 thoughts on “How Does ‘It’ … Know To Come Looking … Who ‘It’ Is Looking For?

  1. I must admit I am very even-balanced when it comes to people.

    I MAY forgive – and I have forgiven much – but I ALWAYS remember!!! 🙂

    Like Buddha said: “When seeking vengeance, first dig two graves.” 🙂

    The great thing about Karma is that all you need is patience – and the rest is down to the person.

    Gotta love Karma… 🙂

    Love and hugs! 🙂


  2. I’m a true believer in Karma and Reincarnation. If justice isn’t served in this life, i surely must be served in the afterlife or the next life. I don’t have to worry about revenge, though for many years I sought it. Now I just let life take care of itself – relieves me from frustration. And like prenin says above, we can forgive our enemies, but we will never forget their actions.

    • I am like you, and Prenin …. at this time in my life … I don’t seek revenge … I don’t have to … I watch people get some of their ‘what for’ … sometimes, though … I’m so sorry to see them suffer. Sometimes, it’s really bad … strange, how I feel sorry for some of the worst people ….. 🙂

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