Family Sounds …

Family Sounds …

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




A Doodle I did while sitting, grieving … missing my own child, my son … Tommy



I heard a sound … a familiar, happy sound

Of a laughing child as it ran, played

I remember hearing such sounds … a long time ago

Long ago, when my son was but, a little boy

Running, playing … squealing in pure abandonment

Pure happiness … oh, the innocence of a child

Long ago, I played with his little son in the sand

Laughing, squealing in pure enjoyment he did

Eyes twinkling just like his daddy’s, smile just as bright

One day … you were gone … then, he

No more laughing, squealing sounds … family sounds

Oh God, I miss such special sounds

When I hear them … I stop in my tracks, lean my head sideways

Look longingly toward where they come from … listen

Family sounds … your family sounds … sounds I once knew

Radio playing in the background … door closing somewhere

Voices calling to the other … dogs barking

More family sounds … sounds I miss hearing … love to hear

I listen to your family sounds … I have none of my own, anymore

Skip and I are quiet people … make soft sounds

I can’t help it … no matter what I’m doing … I stop to smile, listen

When I hear the special sounds a family makes

I’m listening to life going on … people making memories

Just as I once did … praying your children will always be there

That you’ll never know the loss of a child

Feel the pain I’ve carried so long, now

I pray your family sounds will last … forever


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