No New Year’s Resolutions … For Year … 2015

No New Year’s Resolutions … For Year … 2015
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates /aka Granny Gee






Photos of the special dragonflies sent to me from someone I loved many years ago.  She was in my life when we were young girls … she knew Tommy, when he was a child.  She’s very special in my Heart.  Thank-you, Vickie.  ❤



This is the first year I’m not going to make resolutions for the new year.  Why?



Because … I have made them every year I can remember …  things happened to make them useless … most of the time.



I have decided to go with the flow … and channel all that comes my way into as positive as positive can be.



There are things I am keeping in the back of my mind to improve on … I will do them quietly, without broadcasting them ‘to the world’.



I think a lot of times when we say things aloud … we think that will ‘make things happen for us’.  It doesn’t work for me at all.  I have to do things quietly, without being noticed to have things work out for me …. for you, if I’m doing something for you.  I don’t need praise, or recognition for everything I do.  I am honored though … when it happens.  🙂



So, here’s to a happy new year for all of us … isn’t it amazing to go into another new year?  Year 2015!  We made it … once again.




Photo/Story are both owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Dragonflies in my photo are of dragonflies someone sent me … she found me recently online.  She was in my life when Tommy was a little boy.  I loved her dearly.  She sent me dragonflies … that is so special … not only that … she sent them in my lucky, favorite colors … green and purple.  I’m so honored.  Thank you, Vickie.

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