Song Turned Into Scream … Tea Bag On The Wall!

Song Turned Into Scream … Tea Bag On The Wall!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




That was the morning … when my song turned into a scream.  It wasn’t funny, either.  🙂

Photo of me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee





Early one morning, I got up to make breakfast. I was humming as I moved around the kitchen. I’m glad no one hears me … truthfully, I can’t carry a tune at all. At one time, I thought I could … until I recorded myself … listened. OMG! I was careful not to let anyone else hear anything out of my mouth … that resembled a song.

I do have a way of talking that can sound musical. That’s not singing, though. When I worked at the switchboard years ago … people complimented me on how … pleasant it was. Isn’t it amazing how speaking words … singing words sound so differently?

Anyway, that morning, I was making scrambled eggs with cheese, sausage, toast for breakfast. I put the strawberry preserves on the dining table. That’s my favorite … I love to bite into the plump strawberries on buttered toast. Goodness … I’m hungry now!

Humming turned into a full-fledge song. I was jamming in the kitchen. No one could hear me … Tommy was upstairs in his bedroom. Skip was still asleep. The Pups … well, the Pups loved everything I did … so, my singing didn’t bother them at all.

We lived in a 200 year old house. Strange enough, I was never afraid there. When we first moved into it, I was afraid I would feel fear when I walked upstairs … you know how older homes are.

I would test myself … walk up the steps when everyone was gone … to see what would happen. I would see if I felt dread inside … but, it never happened. I felt calmness … when I got completely upstairs. But … that’s not to say old houses can’t be scary! I was getting ready to see ‘scary’ in action … you wouldn’t have known it by my happy singing.

I walked to the stove to check on the sausage, when … my eyes were drawn to the wooden wall behind the stove. What in the hell?

Who would have done such a thing? I just knew Tommy, nor Skip would have done that. I knew I hadn’t done it.

Why would there be a tea bag stuck to the wooden wall? Why? I kept a clean kitchen … I couldn’t figure it out as I stood there. I knew I had to get it down … my humming was a nervous hum. The tea bag just … didn’t seem right. I kept looking at it … then, I …

I reached for the tea bag, stretching myself long enough over the stove so, I wouldn’t get burned. I put my hand on it, squeezed my fingers enough to pull it off the wall, when …

OMG! The tea bag began to move! The tea bag was moving! It was moving in my hand! What the ……. ??

I began screaming for Skip to come help me. Help me, Skip! The tea bag was flying around the room! The Pups were barking wildly … running when the tea bag would zoom in towards them. I was soon ducking, myself!

Skip came flying into the kitchen … well, he wasn’t flying … it was just the tea bag flying! What’s going on, he said. He knew something was wrong. I could only point at that tea bag!

It’s a bat! Get your butterfly net! I’ll catch it. He caught the bat, took it outside to release it. I stood there, trying to get composure. I sure felt stupid … that tea bag was a … bat!

It had me screaming, running around like a bat out of hell, myself! I kept taking deep breaths … trying to gather my wits. I don’t like to get excited like that … weakness sets in.

That was the morning … my song turned into a … scream. It wasn’t funny, either. I didn’t know what a bat looked like hanging on a wall … I did know what they looked like outside, flying around the nightlight in the evenings, though.

That was the morning … I thought a tea bag was stuck onto the wall. That was the only thing my mind could identify it to be. Now … I know what a bat looks like when hanging around.

The next time I saw a bat in that house, it was in the living room flying around. I just can’t take it … I really just can’t take bats flying around my head! I don’t want to hurt them … and I have to make myself get strong in order to somehow, help it … get outside if Skip isn’t around. I had to that time! I wouldn’t have hurt it for anything … unless it attacked my Pups.

Song turned into a scream … I must have sounded like a person singing hard rock!





Photo/story are both owned by me … #Gloria Faye Brown Bates / aka #Granny Gee

This is a true story … a color of my life … a ‘tea’ color!


3 thoughts on “Song Turned Into Scream … Tea Bag On The Wall!

  1. Awww!!! 🙂

    We can’t handle bats here in the UK as they carry bat rabies for which there is no cure, but they live in the railway bridge near my home and in the summer you can see dozens of them flying around as they hunt insects!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


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