Our Yellow Pup Has Died … Sweet Chadwick Elsworth Bates

Our Yellow Pup Has Died … Sweet Chadwick Elsworth Bates
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




Our Sweet Chadwick Elsworth Bates … Rest In Peace Our Yellow Pup … We Loved You With Our Hearts.

Wickster … The Wick … Professor … He Who Knows All … Wick-Wick … Yellow Pup … Sweet Chadwick … Sweet Chadwick Elsworth Bates …

Those are the special names we had for our Sweet Chadwick who died on January 16, 2015 at 12:45 am … midnight.

I awoke to the sound of Kissy, our teddy bear Rottie, barking in the hallway. He was facing the living room. Instantly, I knew something was wrong … I could hear a … soft sound of thumping.

I rushed to turn the light on … sure enough, something was wrong. It was our Chadwick laying on the couch in the throes of a seizure. I remember being thankful he was inside the house, and he was on a soft surface.

Chadwick hadn’t had a seizure in so long … we were hoping loving him, feeding him good food … lots of attention could somehow ward off another possible seizure. It seemed to be working, until …

I increasingly became alarmed … I watched the clock, watched Chadwick closely. He wasn’t coming out of this seizure at all. It was lasting too long. It was really … bad.

Tears streamed down my face as I realized Chadwick was dying. I instantly thought of Tommy … in my mind, I asked Tommy to come be with Chadwick … I told Chadwick to go be with Tommy … go toward the light.

Chadwick began to be still … I touched him gently with love, crying silently. Chadwick! The pain was great in my Heart … my yellow Pup was dead. He was the last Pup that was a link to Tommy … now, he was gone. Oh, the pain …

I went to the bedroom, woke Skip up to tell him. He was very upset, got up instantly, went to Chadwick. We both stood there, Kissy and Camie on either side of us … looking at Sweet Chadwick laying there. Skip and I both were crying silently, tears streaming down our cheeks.

I went to the closet, got a piece of soft canvas cloth I kept for something special … brought it into the living room. Skip and I, gently wrapped Chadwick’s body in it. We brought the wagon up onto the porch to place his body inside.

I put a portable fence over the top so, nothing could bother his body, until morning. We kept saying we couldn’t just put Chadwick into the cold, wet ground … he needed to be beside Fairchild, our Rottie who died just after Tommy died. Fairchild, Chadwick were the two Pups who knew, loved Tommy.

We decided to call, and see if arrangements could be made to cremate Chadwick. Sure enough, we could bring him on to Raleigh, and come back for his ashes the following day.

January 17, 2015 … we went back for Chadwick’s ashes. They had been placed in a beautiful, wooden rosewood box with carving on it. There was a footprint made of Chadwick’s foot, made out of plaster of Paris. It was all done so lovingly, beautifully. Steve, the man who handled Chadwick … was very caring. Thank you, Steve.

I think someone got a sign from Tommy several days before Chadwick died. She called to let me know about a special light she saw, and felt it was Tommy letting her know something might happen. I was amazed … this hasn’t been the first time she has had a sign from Tommy. I feel such a bond with her … she means the world to us.

Our Yellow Pup has gone to Heaven … Sweet Chadwick Elsworth Bates.

Born: May 13, 2007 … Died: January 16, 2015 … our last link to Tommy.

5 thoughts on “Our Yellow Pup Has Died … Sweet Chadwick Elsworth Bates

  1. I don’t want to click like on this, our family both two legged and four touch our hearts in so many ways and make us the people we are, our lives are always so much richer from their presence and the pain so terrible from their passing, right now I cry for your pain and the pain I am feeling from the call this morning to tell me my grandma had passed, both of us will carry on the better for having loved our departed ones xxx

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