That’s Not Tommy …

That’s Not Tommy …

By Gloria Faye Brown/ aka Granny Gee



 Tommy … and his precious son … (date is wrong on photo) … My son, grandson … Taban

 Tommy  … and Taban … My son, grandson

 Tommy … and McKenzie … My son, granddaughter

 Tommy … Taban when he was born … My son, grandson

 Tommy and Taban … like father, like son … My son, grandson

 Tommy ‘crying’ with Taban … My son, grandson

 Tommy making Taban not cry … being so silly … My son, grandson

 Tommy and I, living at Lake Royale … my photo damaged by housefire … lucky to have it


 Tommy, my son, on the road … big, gentle guy … tough, only if had to be

 Tommy, my handsome son … I was so proud of you

 My son, Tommy … age 11 with me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates /aka Granny Gee

 Tommy, age 11… as tall as me, in this photo… my precious Son


Tommy, on the last day he lived on this earth … hours before he collapsed on the beach, sand … at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  May 29, 2010.


Tommy! My eyes follow the young man as he walks tall, proud … he has on sunglasses … hair, beard nicely trimmed. Big guy, gentle guy … a force to be reckoned with, if pushed … a big teddy bear any other time. I look down to my lap, where my hands clasp each other … that’s … not Tommy. A tear falls on my hand … I wipe it away.

The gate rattles, Tommy’s coming through the gate. He’s here to visit! I think I hear him speaking to the Pups. I am excited … instead of going to meet him, I sit … wait. The wait goes on … I know it … that’s not Tommy.

I hear a soft voice, speaking … it laughs. Tommy! Hey, that’s my son, Tommy. My lips begin smiling, I feel sunshine in my eyes … lightness in my Heart. I close my eyes, enjoy it as long as I possibly can … because … I can only ‘hear, see’ my son in other people, now. I pretend for a few minutes, ‘just to see how happy it feels’ … then, real life sets in …


That’s not Tommy …




Note:  These photos are my property, I own them/and story.  Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee …     Remembering Tommy


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