Poof! Just Like That!

Poof! Just Like That!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Photo is of me, owned by me at about 3 years old.  Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Thunder roared like an angry lion

Booming … pulsing in the night air

Lightening slashed across the sky like vicious claws

It was one hell of a storm going on

Winds blew, screeched with screams from Hell

No one was safe, inside … or out

A small girl sat frozen on her grandma’s old, red, vinyl couch

Knowing demons from Hell would be coming for her

She held her breath … her chest hurt

The old, ragged quilt was wrapped tightly around her

A pretense of being a protective cloak when they came

She could hide her eyes from seeing … look, when she had the nerve

The electric went off … she sat in darkness, then … flashing light

The lightening … darkness, made her more frightened

There it was, it was there, all the time; just inside the bedroom door

It rolled to a stop to make it’s entry known

Blue-red colors glowed all the way through

A huge, round ball of lightening from Hell

Sat looking at her … she almost fainted from fear

It would probably get her this time … it didn’t, last time

Rolling a short distance toward her, it stopped again

Seemingly, deciding whether to cross the room, or not

Her little hands gripped the quilt, feeling the cotton from the hole

The thread was unraveled … she could feel it in her hand

The little girl’s back was pressed tightly into the corner

Silently praying, begging for it not to see her

She knew it did … she knew it wanted her

The huge ball of lightening rolled across the floor

Toward her, quickly … she closed her eyes because she knew

It was her little ass it was coming after

She’d kiss it goodbye if she could

No time, no time at all to kiss her ass goodbye

Because … she was gone; Poof! Just like that

NOTE by this author:

I was going another, more serious way with this poem, while writing it … but, ‘something’ took over … and I had no choice but, to write it this way. Like my characters in a story … they tell me what to do …

All is true, excepting ‘getting gone’ … the lightening ball disappeared before … getting to me, as a little girl. I lived with my Grandma Alma.

Story/photo are owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



2 thoughts on “Poof! Just Like That!

    • Prenin … where I lived as a child … one could almost see anything. I look back and see now, how amazing it was that I witnessed such things. Happy Valentine’s Day, Prenin! Love, Gloria, Skip & The Pups! ❤

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