Sign On Pet Door … Slow Down!

Sign On Pet Door … Slow Down!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Our Rottie … Kissy Fairchild, loves to run, play … with Precious Camie, our Australian Blue Heeler/mixed.  Sometimes, they can get quite rowdy.

Kissy has hurt his hip, running through the pet door.  At least, we feel like that is what has happened.  He is limping … and it’s his right leg.  We are all the time, massaging it for him.

They love to play, run … out the pet door, to go out into their fenced-in yard.  Sometimes, they chase each other … sometimes, someone blows a horn … or whistles.  We asked them not to.  They understood … and won’t do it in the future.

Kissy will go to the doc-doc (our vet) next Wednesday.  He’ll have a x-ray to determine what is wrong.  He’ll also, get his nails trimmed.

He is stiff when he gets up from lying down.  We worry about him.  I came up with a way to stop Kissy, and Camie from running in, and out of their pet door.  I made a sign, taped it to their pet door!

Now … if they stop running in, and out … I’ll know they can read!  They are very smart!  🙂  It’s easy to see the sign … it’s taped to their pet door!

Photo/story are owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates.  I made the sign, also 🙂

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