Just Because I’m Older … Doesn’t Mean I Forgot How To Dance!

Photos of a younger Granny Gee who could really dance; and an older Granny Gee who hasn’t forgotten … and still do a few of the moves 🙂  Artwork by me in bottom photo … all owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee …

Mm-mmmm, I can still do that! I used to be a ‘good’ dancer! Just because I’m older … doesn’t mean my body forgot how to dance! It doesn’t mean that … I can’t dance, anymore.

Okay, okay … so, it hurts more, since this body has become older. I know sometimes, if I try to dance … my body gets stuck in a strange position. It hurts like … heck. Really.

I’ve had so much surgery … that things ‘feel’ much different. I watch little videos on the computer … of senior citizens doing ‘remarkable’ things. I think … ‘why, I can do that’!

You hear of senior citizens defending themselves … shocking the heck out of their attackers! We all love that. Just because someone is ‘old’ … doesn’t necessarily mean they are weak, senile … helpless.

Sure, they need help doing something, at times. Think about it … if you were thrust into a life-threatening situation … you would become stronger, quicker … fight to the death, if needed. I know I would. No matter how old, weak I had become … I would do something ‘remarkable’, if possible.  Older people don’t … forget.

I’m a little older, little fatter … have some gray in my hair (I have it covered up … so, nobody can ‘see that I got older :). Having saying this … doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten how to dance!

I might look like a little, fat butterball with legs … but, I promise you … I haven’t forgotten how to dance. 🙂

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