Undersea Living Memorials

UnderSea Living Memorials …

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Artwork of ocean is done by me.  I write on Bestwriters.net … this is a story I published there.  Here’s link to come visit:         http://www.bestwriters.net/?mref=GrannyGee

Did you know you, or your loved one can have their ashes put in an urn, and put in the ocean, at the bottom … to ‘live’ on?

The urn will attract all kinds of marine life, plants and fish, crustaceans.

Not only that, there are benefits to underwater burials.  Land used for cemeteries, planting, building, conservation doesn’t have to be used.  Makes sense when the world is over-populated, land is disappearing.

I didn’t know until I read more in depth, that the ground water runs off into lakes, streams have fertilizers in it that are used to keep the cemetery grounds lush, green.

Not only that, I read that embalming fluid (would you believe it’s used in many things you come in contact every day?), can cause great harm over time.  It’s released into the enviroment.  It’s known to cause cancer.

I know I am most allergic to embalming fluid.  Skip bought me a big, beautiful chest to put some of my porcelain dolls in, once.  I was showing a friend my dolls, and I was touching the inside of the chest often as I took each doll out.  We were enjoying looking at the beautiful dresses, hair on each doll.

A little while later, my husband and my friend noticed my face had big, swollen areas on it … my skin was purple on those areas.  I began to have an awful reaction to it.

I couldn’t breathe, and sounded as if I had a cold for a week.  It affected me in a very bad way.  That’s to let you know what I personally know about embalming fluid.

Who knows?  Could this be the cause of so much cancer, today?  Like from when the last generation was buried?  I don’t know the answer to this, but … if I find out, I will write about it.

Getting back to my article about Undersea Memorials.  Did you know that … ‘it would save 90 million board feet of rainforest hardwoods that are used in the production of caskets’?  I read that when I was reading about undersea burial (something I am interested in).

Steel is used, also, in the making of caskets.  The urns used for undersea burial are made of recycled materials such as volcanic ash, all-natural concrete, and fibers for reinforcement.

The reefs undersea, help by making artificial coral reefs.  Therefore, attracting undersea life … plants, fish.

You can Google undersea memorials at sea, and learn more about how a family can go out on a luxury ocean vessel to bury their loved one’s ashes.  You can go on to read the FAQ’s, and about what the urns are made of, how much they weigh, cost.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for years.  There are different ways they do this, so … you’ll find out a lot of info on this subject.  Personally, I think it a wonderful way to ‘live on’, with marine life all around ‘me’.


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