Almost Eaten by an Alligator …

4-20-2013 076

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ @grannygee /Granny Gee

The tepid water felt wonderful to my skin as I turned slowly around in the shower. My eyes were closed, and my soul attention was on the pleasure the very warm water gave my body.

The bar of pink soap felt oval in my hand … my fingers curled around it, held it tight as I let the warm water flow over it. In my other hand was a soft, pink bath cloth … I let the two meet in a sudsy embrace. Bubbles began softly falling, raining down with the spray of the water.

The fragrance lulled me into a trance. My eyes were tightly closed. I wasn’t here, anymore.

The pool of water at the bottom of the waterfall was warmed from the kiss of the sun. Sunlight dappled the pool with splashes of golden light. Lush green grasses, wild flowers grew in, and around the beautiful boulders that lay around the pool.

Birds chirped, sang. An airplane flew over with a soft, droning sound. On a wildflower nearby, a beautiful, jade-colored dragonfly hovered over its petals.

I could hear another sound, I would become aware of it, then… it faded into the background. I did wonder for a moment what it was … beauty, sounds around me claimed my focus.

Eyes closed, relaxing from head to toe in the sweet warmth of the water, I turned around slowly, kicked my legs out gently. I didn’t want movement, sound? to break the peacefulness.

For a split second, I heard the soft hint of a sound I couldn’t identify. For a split second, I felt … almost fear. I smiled, forgot the sound … so much beauty, peacefulness to enjoy here.

The water came up to my lips. I breathed through my nose. My body was relaxed, I almost fell asleep. My eyes opened …  just in time to look into eyes staring at me. I knew what the sound was! I heard a roar as its head went quickly beneath the surface. I knew my ass was in trouble … when I felt the pressure of its mouth on my leg!

I came back to reality … I realized my big Rottie had nudged the curtain back with his nose … he was licking the water off my leg. I took a big sigh of relief … that was close! I was almost eaten by an alligator!

Photos are of, owned by me.  Story written, owned by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ @grannygee /Granny Gee

5 thoughts on “Almost Eaten by an Alligator …

  1. You should be careful hun – dozing off in the bath could end up with you drowning! 😦

    I did it once and woke to cold water and cramp! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


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