My Window to the World

My Window to the World

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

As I sit here looking in my window to the world

I think of all the things I can say, write

All the things I see, I can read

My computer means everything to me

Words, many words written, read

That describe happy, sad, angry, glad

Emotions of this big, old world

Emotions of… this one little person in it

My world, your world every day

My blog, your blog we monitor the pulse

We laugh, cry along with each other

As we write our joy, sadness out in millions of words

Blogging, writing my life, my imagination

Has become my way of life to show my colors

A way to keep Tommy’s memory alive, mine

So, we all won’t have lived for nothing

Each of us are important, each of us are a book

On the Shelf Of Life, waiting for someone to notice us

To remember us…  we all have lived for a reason

A purpose, though sometimes, we don’t know what

Your words can touch me, mine can touch you

They can make me cry, make me laugh

My heart squeezes when it’s touched deeply

Meaning something you said, did… was very special

I’ll keep on writing all that I feel

Keep on reading all that you write

As we continue our journey in this Life

As I sit here looking in the window to the world


5 thoughts on “My Window to the World

  1. Yup! 🙂

    My PC is the only social life I have when I’m short of money and can’t afford to go to church or the Monday coffee club! 🙂

    It gives me a reason to get up and is the last thing I comment on before I sleep!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


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