Kissy Had Surgery … (lots of photos, thank yous)

Photos/story owned, written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@grannygee


Kissy had surgery on his right, hind leg on March 25, 2015.

You can see from the photos that his leg is doing very good.  

This is one of the beds I have made for Kissy.  It is in the living room.  I sleep beside him, sometimes. 

When Kissy begins to cry softly, I know he is hurting, and he needs comfort.  I grab my pillows, blanket and get down on his bed with him.  He calms down.

This is the bed I made for him at the end of our bed. This is his second bed.  Kissy has always slept with us since he was 6 weeks old.  He is now, 4 years old.  
For now, his injury … surgery has kept him from getting up on the bed … I imagine it’ll be several more months before he can get back up on the bed.

This is Kissy Fairchild’s sister … Precious Camie Leigh.  She loves Kissy, and is always near Kissy.  
Camie loves to sit on Kissy.  Kissy was laying in the hallway, yesterday … I saw Camie sitting on him! I took a photo! 

Remember the article I wrote about not letting your dogs be ‘Weekend Cowboys’?  Well, if you let your dogs rest all week … they are prime candidates to get torn ligaments, and such when they play, run, jump on the weekends when you take them to exercise.  They can do it anytime, also.  
Kissy and Camie rough-house all the time, running … jumping, spinning around.  That’s how Kissy injured his leg.  He couldn’t walk at all on his right leg, and it was hurting his left hip, leg before surgery.  Now, he will always have to always be careful … because there’s the chance he’ll have to have the same expensive surgery on his left side!

Take my advice, don’t let your dogs play too hard. If I had just known.  Especially … when they are overweight … Kissy weighed 128 lbs.  He had to lose weight for his surgery.  He lost 9 lbs.
You can Google the surgery he had.  The name of it for short is:  TTA … meaning Tibial Tuberosity Advancement.  It’s the best surgery for big dogs.  

This is the approximate cost of Kissy’s surgery.  The cost was a little more at the end.  
Our sweet Kissy is getting better day by day.  It’s only been 1 week since his surgery.  I stay by his side, keeping him on leash whenever he goes outside.  I’ll have to do this for quite some time.  I will take care of our Kissy.

Kissy up on Skip’s lap with his new toy from his Auntie G.
For now, he isn’t supposed to walk a lot of steps. After the first two weeks, he’ll begin to increase in small increments.  It will probably take 4 months to get him back to walking good.  
Thank you from our Hearts to everyone and they know exactly who they are … that made sure Kissy got his surgery … the cost was $3,000.  Thank you are the only words I know to say when I mean so much more.  My Heart means more than I can possibly say.

(This photo is in memory of our Sweet Chadwick Elsworth … he died January 16, 2015.  He loved to be up on Skip’s lap.  It breaks my Heart looking at his photo.  He was my … Yellow Pup).  Skip loves for our Pups to get up on his lap.  
Skip, my husband … and our 2 Pups, Kissy and Camie … are all I have left in this world.  They are my whole world.  When my son lived … he was a huge part of our world.  Now, there’s no one but, us. We love, treasure our Pups.  I will do all I possibly can for them. 
Thank you to the surgeon, Dr. Doby Whiting.  One can look, see what a beautiful surgery you did on our beloved Kissy. 
Thank you to Kissy, and Camie’s ‘doc-doc’ (that’s what Kissy and Camie know their vet as 🙂 … and his staff at:

Dr. David Fontenot 
(Morgan, Teresa, Tonya, Heather … and everyone there).  You don’t know how much we love, respect you.  All of you have become special to us over time.




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