Parents Should Never Outlive Their Child

Parents Should Never Outlive Their Child…


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@granny Gee

Thoughts try to enter my now-full mind
I try not to think about them, but … I’m going to have to

Tommy … I’m going to have to think about Tommy
I have no choice, he was a part of my life, a part of me

My son … died May 29, 2010 while walking on the beach
He’d just arrived at Mrytle Beach, SC .. just in time to … die

I just felt a great pain in my Heart when I thought this
Tears sprung to my eyes … the pain is still there

Almost 5 years … next month … it doesn’t lessen the pain
I don’t cry as much … the pain is hidden deep now

I don’t let people see it anymore … before, I couldn’t help it
Now … I’ve learned to hide it … I’m supposed to be over my grief

No mother ever gets over the grief of losing a child …
When she quits crying … the grief has dug deeper into her very soul

Never to go away … it’s a part of her, just as her child was a part of her
The deeper the pain, the less you see the pain … like a gash, it doesn’t bleed a lot … yet, it hurts so bad

Looking at photos of my son … it’s very strange
It seems like he is right here … it’s like the photos are taken … yesterday

I haven’t forgotten a thing about his face … he looks so alive
The way his eyes smiled before he began laughing

I recognize the signs … it’s like I could hear him any minute
It’s like he hasn’t gone away forever … like he is still here

Like on a movie, he could just walk into the door without it feeling strange
It would be like five years haven’t gone by … he’d be at home

If you’ve never lost a child, I don’t expect you to understand
I don’t know how many grieving mothers … know what I mean

I haven’t talked to other grieving mothers very often to know
You would think I would have … I haven’t, it’s strange

I could listen … but, I couldn’t talk about my grief
That’s something I could never do … talk … only write grief

Soon, May will be here … the month my son went on vacation
To never come back … arrive safely there … only to die, soon-after

He made it just in time to play with his little 3 year old son
He did exactly what he meant, wanted to do … it was the last thing he did

Tommy collapsed on the damp sand where he and his little boy, played
His cellphone fell from his hand … he’d been recording a video for me, his mother

The video was of little Taban standing, looking out at the ocean
So small, precious … he looked like a minature Tommy

Tommy’s phone was picked up by a concerned stranger
Who pressed the last person called on Tommy’s cellphone

Hello, Ma’am … I’ve got a man here, collapsed on the sand, he’s not breathing
He never knew he was speaking to Tommy’s mother … two hundred miles away

In my mind, I knew Tommy and his family had made it safely to Myrtle Beach, SC
I had worried because of the Memorial Day traffic, when he arrived safely … I took a sigh of relief

Never knowing just in a short time … my world would almost end
Almost end for three years … somewhere, I lost the smile that was for my son when I saw his name on the caller ID

The stranger‘s voice … the numbness that began to spread over me
Before I even knew why … my son dead? My son … dead?

This is the phone call that parents never want … I never wanted that
I never wanted to be told my son wasn’t breathing … let me die, I can’t take this!

Somehow, the phone was in Skip’s hand … somehow, I was in a dark world
My very soul was screaming, my very Heart drenched in tears

Oh God, help me! My son … Tommy? Tommy’s dead?
My mind couldn’t understand what I had been told … no, I can’t bear this … I’m going to die

Drug me, make the pain go away … the knowledge is too great
Too great for me to handle … I can’t think about this!

Hospital … tears in the registration clerk’s eyes … on the bed in ER
The nurse, the needle … doctor … all a blank, thereafter

So many tiny bits of memory only to go black … I was dying
I couldn’t bear the pain … Skip was worrying, unknown to me

He watched over me as I slept, barely breathing from the medicine I was given
He began to make sure I couldn’t abuse it … when he thought I’d quit breathing

I wouldn’t have been aware of dying … I was too far gone on the new journey in my life
I was on a road I’d only heard about, never thought I’d travel

I didn’t have the sense to know anymore that I was a person
I was in the darkness … I was darker than the dark, I became the dark … grief, pain

I can’t bear to think anymore about it … I’ll quit right now
Next month will be the 5th year, my son has been gone

No on could be more positive as I have … never asking questions
I know can’t ever be answered in this life

No matter how positive I’ve been … it doesn’t lessen the pain
I’ll have to live with this the rest of my life

I shouldn’t have had to, because we all know
Parents should never outlive their child


8 thoughts on “Parents Should Never Outlive Their Child

  1. Gloria, I don’t know how you deal with that type of loss and that deep a pain. You can keep writing about Tommy, and I feel your sadness, but I’ll never understand, and to be honest, I hope I never do. You’re so right about children not outliving their parents. It’s not fair, and it happened to you. I think you’re brave for dealing with it in such a forthright manner, and I thank you for sharing your pain.

    • I don’t know how I’ve done it … I am grateful to be at this point, now. Writing the pain, because I never just talk about it … has saved me. Thank you for your caring words, Theresa.

  2. Sadly I have a few friends that have had to bury children of various ages and I don’t know one of them that does not still think of that child every day, one thing I am curious about and I hope you don’t mind me asking is whether you have ever felt like trying to trace that voice on the phone, the man who picked it up and called you.

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