Protect Your Pets … From New Strain of Flu … H3N2 Virus

Protect Your Pets … From Getting New Strain of Flu … H3N2 Virus

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@grannygee



Protect your beloved pets, dogs and cats … from this new flu virus … H3N2.  It’s here, and one needs to be aware, take precautions.

I felt I wanted to write once again about the new strain of flu that is spreading rapidly through the dog, cat population.  I am worried, I admit.  I know it’s in the midwest … it’s just a matter of time before it is here.  (North Carolina).  I will tell everyone I know about this.

The new strain of virus is …  H3N2 … from Asia.  We haven’t seen this here, before.  For now, it’s in the midwest of the USA.

My first article is:  New Strain of Flu … Protect Dogs, Cats.  Link is:

Please go read this … if not, please Google for more information.  I am trying to make everyone aware of this new virus that can harm our dogs, cats.

I want to make everyone know about this, so they can protect their beloved pets.  Be cautious of going to places dogs gather, like in a dog park … doggie daycare, etc. Cats get this new flu, also.

Symptoms include coughing … one could mistaken it at first for kennel cough.  I don’t think there’s a vaccine for this new strain of flu.  You can Google this, research it … find out all you can.

My purpose of writing again about this … is to keep making people aware of this flu … it’s spreading rapidly in our country.  At present, it’s in the midwest.  It’s a strain of flu from Asia.

Knowledge is power … power to be aware, take steps to protect one’s self … pets.  I hope you will go on to research this new strain of flu … I have a feeling we all are going to know what it can do.  It’s already killed five dogs that I’m aware of … complications.

I am still learning about this new flu that can affect our pets.  I hope you will take the information and go on to research it, know what to look for, and how to protect your fur babies.

You can go to my article on to read.  Here’s the link:  The name of my first article is:  New Strain of Flu … Protect Dogs, Cats

Please read, research H3N2 virus … so, you can be totally aware of this.

Photos/article owned, written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/


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