Love Battles Death … Won

Love Battles Death … Won

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@grannygee

Kissy Fairchild…

Precious Camie…

Kissy and Skip…

She lay on the cold, wet ground.  Her little body shivered from the cold wind.  No shelter … just the shade at the edge of the woods where they left her to die.  How she longed for a loving hand to touch her, a soft voice to let her know she was cared for … she missed being loved, petted.

No hair, only wet skin from her body fluids oozing out of her.  Maggots ate at her, urging her to go on … die.  They had one purpose …

She could hear the sounds of the children she used to play with.  They had forgotten her … no way could she keep up with them in the condition her little body was in.  Besides, how can the dead … play?

Death was reaching its hand out for her when … she felt her little body being lifted.  She heard a cry, then only gentle words meant for her.





Photos of Precious Camo/ Camie … demodectic mange can’t be cured by home remedies … you need to take your dog to the vet to get life-saving meds.  The bottom photo is when I finally got to hug her for the first time … her skin had healed enough for me to hug her … she put her little head against my chest.


You are mine, now.  I’m taking you home.  I’m going to make you live.  No!  Death, you can’t have her!

Maggots fell, one by one … onto the wet ground.  Wet. little small pearls that eat on dead flesh.  The woman felt them … she didn’t give a damn, any other time she would have cringed, not been able to let them touch her skin.

This was different.  This was a little puppy who had demodectic mange … it had progressed to the point … the little puppy looked like an alien from another world.  It can’t be cured with ‘home remedies’ … only a vet can make it get better, heal with medicines, shampoos.

The woman had no way of paying for such medical care for the little puppy.  She didn’t give a damn … the puppy wasn’t going to die by itself … she would be there to hold it, talk lovingly to it.  It would know love at the end of its life.

When her husband came home, he told her no matter what he had to do, he would find a way to pay for the puppy’s medical care.  They took it to the local vet.

They told him their situation.  He suggested donations …  at that very moment is when the woman said she would ask everyone in the world to help her.  She didn’t let her pride stand in her way … when normally, she would never ask for help for herself … unless desperate.

She was going to fight for this little puppy’s life … battle Death to the very end.  She began to think of how to go about getting donations to help her.  Someone suggested an online donation fund, told her of a website to go to.  She set up a GoFundMe campaign online.

She began getting donations from people over the world … and that’s when Camie’s Angel stepped in … she donated many times.  If it hadn’t been for Camie’s Angel … the woman would have never gotten all she needed for the medical care.

GoFundMe seemed to collect funds for vacations or a car for someone … quicker than helping a puppy who needed desperate medical care.  She soon realized she couldn’t depend on GoFundMe. Thankfully, Camie’s Angel stepped in, began helping.

Camie’s Angel… written by me.  (I hoped my 3 books would sell to make money to take care of all our Pups’ medical care.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case.)

Camie’s Angel always made the difference at the end of each crisis.Thank God for everyone who cared, thank God for Camie’s Angel.  Camie’s Angel became Kissy’s Angel later when he needed surgery.

Thank God for Camie and Kissy’s Angel, and everyone who cared enough to send money to their vet for their medical care.

The woman wanted everyone, even now … to send their money to the Pups’ vet.  She wanted people to know where their money went to.  She encouraged, and encourages anyone to this day … to call, talk to the vet, ask questions.

The woman feels/felt that when people cared enough for her Pups, then … they have every right to call, know what’s going on.  This way, people could know their money was being used in the right way.

The woman is me, Gloria/Granny Gee/@grannygee … Precious Camie (Precious Camo) … is our Pup.  Kissy Fairchild is her brother.  I manage her Facebook page at:

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee … 2014

It is now, the Facebook page for both our Pups … Precious Camie and Kissy Fairchild.  I update it every day, put photos there.  They have a lot of friends, and if you’d like … come be their friends, also.  🙂

You can see photos of Camie … how beautiful she is now.  She is an Australian Shepherd, mixed.  Her coloring is blue merle.

Precious Camie

Mischievous Pups… Kissy and Camie

Precious Camie loves to sit on Kissy Fairchild…

Precious Camie … her hair is absolutely beautiful, silky now…

Precious Camie … smart girl!

Kissy is our Rottie.  He is black, mahogany.  He is a gentle giant.  Both Pups are very close. He just had surgery in March and is recovering now.  It’ll take several months for him to be fully recovered. He had a torn ligament in his right leg.

I fought Death to keep Camie here.  I wanted her to know love, and a good home, good food.  She has been in our life since July 04, 2013.

Thank God for Camie … I was grieving over my son, and couldn’t come out of it.  I began caring for Camie … fighting Death for her … it helped to save me.  I became aware of living again.  I never knew I would ever care about living anymore.

My whole world is Camie, Kissy and Skip, my husband.  They are all I have left in this world … I treasure them with my Heart.

This is my whole world … Skip, Kissy, and Camie…

Kissy Fairchild…

Kissy Fairchild and Skip…

With our love, my nursing Camie … our vet, Camie’s Angel … and the friends who contributed to Camie in money … the friends of Camie’s who constantly said prayers for her, sent healing thoughts … Camie is still here.

She has the most beautiful, silky hair/fur.  She still has to fight … and always will … she will need medical care forever.  She won’t do it alone, I am here.  So, is Skip and Kissy, and all her friends.

I will do what I have to … to get money to care for her … and Kissy, when needed.  I will ask for help when it comes to them … and throw my pride to the wind.

Pure love, caring for our Pups … if you ever see me ask for donations … know that is what drives me.

Never be afraid I would badger anyone to help … it would always be someone’s decision to do so.  I would just quietly let everyone know. No one will ever know how grateful, thankful I am for all the help I’ve gotten.

This is a case where pure love went to battle with Death … and won.  Camie’s still here and thriving. We aren’t rich in money … but, we are very rich … in love … for our Pups.

Love battles Death … won.

Note by this author:   Thank you to our vet, and his staff at:

Louisburg Veterinary Clinic

15 N. Church Street

Louisburg, NC  27549

Dr. David Fontenot


Thank you … Camie’s Angel

Thank you … Camie’s Friends

Photos/story owned, written by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@grannygee


5 thoughts on “Love Battles Death … Won

  1. Without people like you Gloria this would be a darker, sadder, world… 🙂

    Love and huge hugs to you, Skip and the pups! 🙂


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