By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

My photos will go to dust one day … there will be no one to treasure them.  I have no one in this world but, Skip and our Pups.  After us … there’s no one.  I will continue putting my photos online, at least to not let them be in vain.  They were of a person … myself.  A good person … I’m proud to be me … I’m not perfect, never have been, never will be … but, I know I’m good, honest, decent.
They’ll be here online for my granddaughter, grandson to see one day.  If they are anything like their father, and Granny Gee … neither ‘hell or high water’ will keep them from finding me (Granny Gee) … dead or alive.
My grandchildren will be able to read me enough, see me enough to ‘get to know me’ as a person.  It doesn’t matter if their mothers keep them away from all Tommy’s family on both sides … to know only their parents.
People ask me why don’t I take it to court … why don’t I fight it … why don’t I do this … do that?  I don’t fight it because I know how it is to grow up in such ugliness.
I’m not an ugly person unless pushed too far.  I love peace, quiet, good, happy-soft … beautiful things in life.  I’m not going to fight it.  My grandchildren will find me one day … I’ll smile big on that day, if they find me in death … I will smile along with the sunshine, making their day brighterGloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@grannygee)
NOW … to my story …………
I just saw the coolest thing.  Instantly all kinds of possibilities came to mind.
If something happened to one … it could be documented.  No one would ever know it … until their ass was caught.  How are they going to know?  We don’t walk around looking up.
If you happened … to look beautiful … you know ‘just right’ to have many photos taken of you on a particular day … why there would be a record of how you looked … no effort required.  You don’t even have to ‘aim, pose, click’!  How about that!
You could be out hiking, running, biking all day … later that night … you could see all around you as you did those things.  You could see how close you were to danger … what was going on around you as you hiked, biked, ran … and didn’t know.  Now, it’s possible!
I could watch our Pups all during the day when they came out to play in the yard when I wasn’t home.  I could see who came while I was gone.  (I know that anyway … when I’m not home).  This would actually make photos of it.
How, you ask me?  Now, there are drones that can fly around taking selfies all day … of who else? You!
I really don’t care about having one.  When younger, it would have been such fun … you know when one’s young, beautiful doing exciting things!
You know how it is when you look your best, it’d be wonderful to have photos one day to validate such.  Like my photos of the past  …. I used to be beautiful … I used to be pretty … I used to be … I   used to be!  You have those photos just as I do … at least all of us ‘has beens’ who ‘still are’ only in a more attractive, older way!
I didn’t have a drone flying overhead to get all those photos.  I’m fortunate I had a suitcase full of photos to ‘mount’ one day.  They were all water-damaged in the house fire that claimed all our belongings.
I’m fortunate to have a lot of my ‘beautiful’ photos so, I can ‘prove to the world’ … hey, I used to be a fox, too!  🙂  ‘You don’t have nothing on me’!  Ha! Ha! Ha!
People hate it when an older person can show them they were something otherwise than an older person you see today.  I love seeing older people’s photos, see how young, vibrant they used to be.  My, my … how much ‘life’ they had in their bodies at one time … how their personalities could come through the photos!
No matter someone think us vain … we want the world to ‘see, we used to be beautiful, too’!
Just think with a drone that flies overhead all day just to take selfies of us … one wouldn’t have to pose ‘just right’, and try to capture their own photo.
Oh, let me delete this photo … I wasn’t holding my mouth right.  No!  Not this photo, it has to be deleted because damn it, it shows my double chin!  Oh no!  Delete this one, I look too fat!  Oh … we are all so vain. 🙂
Wait a minute … let me pull my blouse out just a little so, no one can see that bulge!  Look closely at all the selfies we see … we don’t even have to say we took those photos … we took them ‘just right’ of ourselves.  We are so vain!
Don’t you see it in all the selfies of everyone, including ourselves.  We have to look just right … to present ourselves to our online world.  Oh my God, is that a new wrinkle … no, I can’t take a photo today!  Maybe it won’t be there tomorrow!
Today … maybe I’ll just leave the drones that fly overhead to take selfies all day … to the young and beautiful.  I would be too boring a subject … quiet, conservative, private.  🙂
I don’t want one … but, I wonder if I would on a particularly ‘good’ day?  I want one!  Ha! Ha! Ha!  I want one!  I bet you do, too!
All my Beautiful Photos/article owned, written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@grannygee


  1. Glad you salvaged your photographs hun! 🙂

    You are still a beautiful person hun – and that will ALWAYS shine through!!! 🙂

    Love and huge hugs to you, Skip and the pups!!! 🙂


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