God Told Margaret To Help Others On Their Way … She Did

God Told Margaret To Help Others On Their Way … She Did

This is a fictional story about a devious woman who … did God’s work in helping others to … come home.  When God needed someone in his flock to tend sheep … he depended on Margaret.  Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@grannygee.

  Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

She didn’t look like much.  No one paid her any mind.  When she spoke, her voice didn’t match her appearance.  One would take a second look at her … for a moment they knew she was …

Still, it didn’t make any difference … she didn’t look any better.  But … that was the defining moment if one was alert enough … to know she was very slick.  That was the moment one would know … this woman’s no dummy.

She went about life in her simple, country way smiling, greeting others, “Hello!  how are yall?”  Yes, she was thought highly of, this little simple lady from the community.  No one knew …

Margaret went to church every Wednesday night, Sunday morning, Sunday night.  She was big in her church.  Margaret was a God-fearing woman.

She never missed a day from her third shift job.  She worked hard at her job … and taking care of her disabled boyfriend of seven years.  They lived together.

Damn!  He lived longer than she meant for him to.  She was taking too good of care of him! Unknowing to him … she had taken out an insurance policy at the beginning of their relationship.

She began taking longer to get home from work to give him medicine as his health began to decline. No one knew she was helping him to go to Heaven quicker.  She knew God needed him!

Be damned, she was going to help God get him quicker.  If she had anything to do with it … and she did … God would see him within the month.  No one would be the wiser.

She woke up on Sunday morning, walked into the bedroom where he slept.  Her eyes traveled to the bed … scanned over the frail figure that lay half under blankets.  She looked at his face … froze.

God!  You did it!  You came to get your child!  She began a happy dance.  He was in a better place now … he couldn’t see her dancing.

She stopped dancing, looked up suspiciously … to see if she saw any evidence of a spirit hanging around.  She’d always heard when someone died, their spirit would be above the body … watching!

Margaret tested the air above the corpse with her hand … just to be safe … felt nothing.  She broke out into another happy dance … to the tune of $150,000!

Margaret took care of the funeral arrangements.  She lapped up condolences just as a cat lapped up good, cold milk.  Damn, it sure felt good.  I have done good … my friends, family know it, too.

She didn’t let anyone know about the $150,000 life insurance policy… she did let them know that she got a … $5,000 life insurance policy.  Just enough to take care of the funeral arrangements, provided she had him cremated.  No frills, no thrills.

Margaret wanted a new car … she would tell them that she made a down payment … they’d never know she paid cash, owned her car.

Red cars, blue cars, convertibles … she was looking at new cars.  She wanted a new car.  She selected a small car for $20,000.  Now, she was in business … time to find someone to take care of.

The following Sunday Margaret was sitting 2 pews behind a gentlemen she knew from childhood. He was divorced, in bad health.  He constantly burped, even while in church.  She saw how other people would pretend not to hear him.

A light went off in Margaret’s mind … God told her … she needed to take care of this man.  Take care of him, she would.

Margaret made it a point to be behind this man known as Charles.  She pretended to trip, fell against him.  Margaret began apologizing profusely.  “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry I fell on you”!

Charles helped her get her composure … old Margaret had made the first move.  It was paying off.  Charles was patting her, calming her down.  Margaret played it up … her ankle was hurt.  She needed to sit down.  Guess who helped her?

Charles, though he walked on a cane … helped her to sit down on the back pew of the church.  He sat beside her.  A smell came from him as the air moved around them.  He must have peed himself.

Margaret was disgusted at the smell, but … God had pointed out this man to her.  She had to do what God wanted her to do.  Tears rolled down her cheeks … tears at the nasty smell.  She didn’t like filth … didn’t like it at all.  His ass was going to get cleaned!

Charles watched her … she wasn’t anything to look at.  He did have a soft heart when it came to a woman crying.  He knew she was in pain.  He felt sorry for her.  He gave her a quick, gentle hug.

Margaret felt like she was drowning in a sea of piss!  She let out a moan, he let go of her quickly.  Did I hurt you when I hugged you, he asked.  Margaret smiled a sweet, little smile nodding her head, telling him it was all right.  She knew he didn’t mean to hurt her.

That was the beginning of a nine month relationship … Margaret and Charles … fell in love.  Margaret took care of Charles just like God wanted her to.  Charles’s health began to decline.  He began getting fluid in his lungs.

Margaret took good care of Charles.  See, the whole community knew Margaret was a good woman … a good woman just like her mother, Bertha.

All through the years, Bertha had taken care of the disabled members of the community.  Why some of them even left land, money to Bertha.  What a good woman Bertha was.  Here was her daughter, Margaret … she was taught well.

Yes, God spoke to these women.  They were good women, pillars of the community.

God began speaking to Margaret.  He told her he needed Charles to come home soon.  Needed him in his flock to tend his sheep.  Come home, Charles, I need you.

Margaret began neglecting giving Charles his medicine.  He never knew the difference.  He never knew his death would mean another $150,000 to Margaret.  She cared for him until the morning she found him asleep in death.

She stood in the doorway, smiled at him.  Why Charles you look so good in death!  I didn’t know you were so handsome!  All the years had fell from Charles’s face …

Margaret walked over to him, kissed him on the lips.  Old Charles didn’t smell like piss now, he smelled like he had shit himself … Margaret backed up in disgust.

Damn it … when she met him, he smelled like piss … she cleaned his ass up … and just when he left the world, he had to leave the smell of shit behind!  For her … to clean up!  Was he leaving her a message?

Regardless … Margaret was now $150,000 richer.  She had earned it by doing God’s work.  All she had to do now was … to get funeral arrangements made for Charles.

The community gathered around Margaret.  She had shoulders to cry on … good foods to eat … people slipped money to her.  Why old Margaret was a good woman.  She cared for people no one else wanted to care for.  Yes, what a good woman Margaret was.

Months went by … fall time came.  Margaret lived by herself.  She was tired of taking care of others … she was tired of the nasty smells … the unpleasant sounds.

God was telling Margaret that she needed to find someone else to take care of.  No!  Margaret was tired of taking care of others … she wanted to be taken care of.

Margaret was having too much fun spending money, traveling.  She was leading a secret life.  No one had any idea that Margaret was other than she … looked.

A simple, country girl … yeah, once in a while someone would take a second look at Margaret when she spoke … they went on to forget that for a moment they’d picked up on Margaret … on how smart Margaret was.

All they had to do to forget … was to look at her … no, Margaret was just a simple person.  A good person just like old Bertha, her mother.

One day while out shopping, Margaret came across a disabled man in a wheelchair.  He was sitting in front of Walmart, smoking a cigarette.  One could tell looking at him that he didn’t have anyone to care about him.  His clothes had stains, his hair was in disarray.

Margaret stopped a few feet from him, pretending she didn’t see him.  God was poking her … telling her this was the man.  He told her he wanted her to take care of this man … he wouldn’t make her do it long because he needed him in his flock.

Dollar signs appeared in Margaret’s mind … she saw herself doing a happy dance to the tune of big money.  She began to smile … she knew she had work to do.  God needed her to help his chosen to come home.  Margaret was a good woman … it was time once again to do what God wanted her to do.

Margaret walked up to the disabled man sitting in his wheelchair.  The man looked at her, blew a smoke ring.  He saw a simple, sweet-looking country woman walking toward him.

He smiled when she spoke to him … just for a second he looked closer at her … something about her voice didn’t … then, his eyes were drawn to her sweet country girl face.

They were attracted to each other instantly.  Over a short time, they knew they were meant for each other.

John was happy he had met Margaret.  His life had changed … he felt like he was going to Heaven. Maybe he was already in Heaven.  He felt God smile down on him.  He saw Margaret smiling at him. He smiled …

In fact, that was the last thing John saw.

Note by this author:  Photos/ and this fictional story are both owned, written by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@grannygee


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