It’s a Wonder the Poor Thing Lived This Long …

It’s a Wonder the Poor Thing Lived This Long …

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

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Photo is owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates


Margie came into the open door.  She was all smiles … everything was going her way. Soon … she’d have all she had been working for.  No one could see the evil grin on her face … or in her ice-cold eyes of green.

I’m making your tea, Ms Daisy!  Would you like for me to fix you something to eat?  I’ll be glad to. Margie was in the kitchen … Ms Daisy was sitting in her over-stuffed recliner in her bedroom.

Margie didn’t give a f—k what the bitch wanted … everything was for show.  She wouldn’t have to do this after … a couple of hours from now.

If she had her way … old Ms Daisy would have her ass planted in the ground where all daisies should be … way before now.  Margie had already done something Ms Daisy wasn’t aware of … Margie had put several articles of clothing (all purple) into Claude’s and Ms Daisy’s closet.

The purple outfits were hung … hidden in Claude’s clothes.  There was no way Ms Daisy would see them.  Ms Daisy only got up to use her portable toliet near her chair.  She couldn’t walk far without assistance.  She stayed drugged up … the pain in her body was unbearable.

Old Margie planned to help Ms Daisy end that pain … in fact, right this minute as she served Ms Daisy her tea … Ms Daisy’s pain was ending.  Ms Daisy just didn’t know it.

Margie was tired of not having a home of her own … money given to her by her own man.  Ms Daisy didn’t need those things anymore … why she was a has-been.  It was Margie’s turn now.  Now, Margie was ready to begin life with the second man in this family … the first one was Ms Daisy’s son.

No one could see the sneer on Margie’s lips, nor feel the hatred coming from her.  Once Ms Daisy did look at her as if she sensed something … Margie was smiling at her telling her to drink that good tea she had fixed especially for her.  Ms Daisy did.

Claude came in the door.  He’d been helping someone fix something or other.  They had just dropped him off.  Hi Margie!  Is everything going okay?

Margie smiled a terrible grin at him … nodded her head toward Ms Daisy.  About that time Ms Daisy began gasping for air … she was choking.  Her hands clawed at her throat.  She was trying to beg for help!

Margie looked at her, grinned.  Go to hell, Ms Daisy … see if you can grow there!  This is my house now!  This is my man!  I’ve been waiting for this very minute!  She didn’t feel anything as she looked into the horrified eyes of Ms Daisy.  Poor Ms Daisy … she never saw it coming.

Margie and Claude walked out of the bedroom where Ms Daisy sat fighting for her life.  As they did, Ms Daisy grabbed the phone, somehow dialed her daughter’s phone.  No one was home. The answering machine came on, caught Ms Daisy’s last cry of ‘Maye, please help-ppppppppppppppppppppp me’!

Ms Daisy died as her last breath whispered … ‘me’.  She never heard the laughter in the kitchen as Margie and Claude joked.  Margie cleaned up her mess … kissed Claude on the lips.  She told him she’d be back that evening … for now, he needed to call 911 to come help his wife.

Claude grinned … he changed his expression to sadness.  It was so convincing that Margie’s face began to reflect his.  Yeah, this was a sad day … Ms Daisy had gone and died.  No one was going to miss her.  Now … Margie had a home to live in … beginning tonight.  After all, Claude was going to need someone to … take care of him.

Maye came home that evening, saw the blinking light on her answer machine.  She must have sensed something because she didn’t press the button to listen to the message.  When she did, she heard her mother‘s voice begging her to help her.  Her mother’s voice was like the wind, unearthly … desperate, haunting.

She and her husband rushed to her mother’s home.  Margie and Claude were there … so, was other family.  Someone whispered in Maye’s ear … “get an autopsy done”!

Maye didn’t understand … the shock made her forget until later in time … when it was too late.  Why was it too late then?  That was when the dots connected … Maye realized her mother had been murdered.

There wasn’t any way Maye could have known … as the days, months went by … she found out. People tell on themselves when they think no one is watching … listening … or connecting the dots over time.

It was too late … her mother had been cremated.  She began suspecting something when two days after her mother’s death she was called by Claude to come get her mother’s clothes.  Maybe he didn’t know the purple clothes were mixed in with his clothes … maybe he’d forgotten Margie’s clothes were on his side of the closet.

Maye knew something wasn’t right … at that moment she began connecting the dots.  She was always good at connecting the dots of life.  She knew Margie and Claude had helped her mother to die … get her out of the way.  Now … things began to fall into place.

Things continued to fall into place as she watched Claude and Margie … what clinched all was when Claude asked Margie to marry him several months later.

No one questioned her mother’s death.  Why Ms Daisy had a heart condition, and emphysema … it’s a wonder the poor thing lived this long.


Note by this Author:

Time has passed … Ms Daisy and Claude have been long gone.  Ms Daisy’s daughter, Maye … ‘knows’ the truth of what happened … she’s still waiting for Margie to come to her, tell her the things … she told Maye that she’d tell her one day.

Maye knew Margie suffered with a guilty conscience.  For a while, Margie flew high … then, bad things began to happen to her.  Isn’t that the way it goes … when one does wrong?  Things come back to bite one in the ass.  Is this a true story?  I’ll never tell … how would I know?

Photos/story written, owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@grannygee/@geegranny on Twitter


4 thoughts on “It’s a Wonder the Poor Thing Lived This Long …

  1. This story sounds all too real and could actually happen in real life if it hasn’t already. It’s a shame what people would do for money or even for a man.

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