Eating at K & W Cafeteria …

Eating at K & W Cafeteria …

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

‘Granny Gee’ … artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Seven-layered salad … looks so good that I’m almost tempted to jump into it … clothed in lettuce leaves.  I’d close my eyes, swim in the layers making the peas dance around like little beach balls … get all creamy in the mayonnaise … nibble at everything colorful in my path.  I love seven-layered salad!

Hamburger steak relaxing on a bed of white rice … gravy spread on top like a cosy, warm blanket.  You feel you must be gentle when you cut a little piece of it to eat.  Do not disturb … that hamburger steak is resting.  Your mouth waters at the thought of putting a piece of it in your mouth … savoring every little taste of it for as long as possible.  Close your eyes if you do this … to get the full benefit of tasting!

A refreshing glass of tea … amber in color surrounds little cubes of ice.  Lemon draped over the ice … lemon juice swirls around mixing perfectly with the tea … the best flavor ever!  Please pass that pitcher of tea!

Chocolate pie with creamy white whipped cream swirled, shaped into designs.  Chocolate drizzled over like a satin ribbon.  It’s a sin to eat such a beautiful pie.  One should wear it like a fancy dress with a lacey slip … with pride.  The finishing touch would be a pair of chocolate stilleto heels to match.  Be careful when out … you could come home with bites taken out of you!

Strawberry cake … thick, white frosting on the outside … white cake in the middle … thick, white creamy filling in the middle of each layer.  Huge strawberry on top … strawberry syrup drizzled over it … glistening in the light. What kind of cake is that? A damn good cake … that’s what it is!

So many good foods, desserts to choose from … colors, foods arranged to please the eye.  One wants to taste it all … alas, it comes down to choosing a meat and 2 vegetables, dessert, drink.

People standing behind you … nudging you to hurry!  Hurry, make your decisions on what to choose to eat!  Hurry!  We want some, too!

Note by this author:

We ate supper with friends last week … we went to the K & W Cafeteria.  Instantly … it conjures up images of colorful, wonderful dishes of good food to choose from.

The only problem is you can’t stand there as long as you want to delight in seeing the arrangements on the platters, plates, saucers.  Art … pure art that I appreciate.  I just have to look fast as I move through the line!  🙂

Photo/artwork, story owned by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



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