Wrinkled Air … and Shimmery Dragonflies, Too

Wrinkled Air … and Shimmery Dragonflies, Too

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Artwork is by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Tommy …     11-20-1969 ***5-29-2010


As I walked I could see ahead of me … the air was clear, clean.  No pollution here.  I was looking at the trees, flowers when I noticed to my right … the air appeared to be … wrinkled.

Curiosity took over … I didn’t feel afraid at all.  I walked to the space where the air was wrinkled.  No one would notice it … unless like me … they paid close attention to their surroundings.  I’m always looking for the … unusual.

I stood there … I cocked my head from side to side like a little bird.  I decided to put my hand out … explore the air.  Why not?  We never know …

I touched the wrinkled air … my fingers sensed more than felt … the air shift … open!  I felt excitement go through me like an electric current.  Oh my!

I gently wiggled my fingers … the air opened up to me!  I didn’t think twice … I stepped through.  The wrinkled air closed behind me.  It must be meant to be!  I wondered briefly … is this one of the portals to Heaven?  For a split second, I thought … Hell!  I pushed that thought away as quickly as it came.

I began to walk slowly, peering ever which way.  I was trying to get a feel for the new world I had stepped into.  I walked for quite a ways … I admired the unusual flowers of every shape, color …  the air here was so pure, I could breathe extra-well.

Trees of every kind, shape … were everywhere.  The pools of water were really blue! and inviting!  I walked to one, put my sandaled foot into the water … an orange and white fish came to the surface … smiled at me.  I didn’t think anything of it … I smiled right back at that fish!

I walked along, relaxed.  Where was I?  Was I the only one here?  I began to hear a soft humming in the distance.  It sounded like singing … it was so beautiful I felt tears in my eyes.  I loved this place … sounds, all my eyes could see.  I felt I was not going to leave here … I’m staying forever.

I followed the smooth, sandy path to a bend around trees … lo and behold … I couldn’t believe what I saw!

Angels!  Real Angels standing around … some sang softly … some talked to each other.  A quietness came over all as I walked closer.  They looked at me with questions in their eyes … where did you come from?

I smiled sweetly at them … I found a patch of wrinkled air … I touched it with my hand to explore the air.  It shifted, opened to let me in.  It closed behind me … but, I know where the wrinkled air is if you want me to go.  I hope I’m not intruding … I hoped this is Heaven … there’s someone I wish to see.  Won’t you please help me?

The most beautiful angel glided over to me.  She had long, curly hair woven of gold.  Her wings were huge, lacey with white pearls, sparkling in the sunlight.  Her smile competed with the sunshine … her teeth white as snow.  The scent around her was of the nicest smelling flowers.  I wanted to stay in her presence.

She looked into my eyes, smiled the softest smile.  I felt warm, as cosy as if I was a baby wrapped in a blanket.  I know I smiled back.

I know who you wish to see.  At that time … little dragonflies began to appear.  Little soft green colored bodies, shimmery purple, white wings.  I lost my breath in such beauty … knowing dragonflies … reflected Tommy in my life.

Could this be Heaven … could Tommy be close by?  The dragonflies flew gently around me … their wings gently kissing my hair, my face.

A breeze began to blow … I felt coolness on my face.  Tears were running down on my cheeks … the coolness was from the breeze kissing my tears away.

I make gold dragonflies with gold wire, beads in memory of Tommy… I leave them in public places for people to find.  I never expect anything back from them, no strings attached … I hope they could bring a smile, joy to someone’s face, heart … feel such as this.

I was feeling what I hoped someone could possibly feel, when finding one of my dragonflies.  A joy, happiness inside when something unexpected, beautiful came into one’s life … no matter how little, big.  The unexpected … the meant to be to let someone know they’re not alone in a special way.

I sensed something changing around me … I looked around.  I saw a tall angel approaching me.  My breath caught in my throat … he had strawberry blonde hair.  As he came closer … I saw his blue-green eyes … the colors on the dragonflies.  Tommy!  I began to cry silently … that’s my son … that’s Tommy walking toward me.

Here in a world away … only wrinkled air kept us apart.  Somehow, I managed to find the portal to Heaven … find my only child.  Tommy!

The tall angel glided toward me with a big grin on his face.  Yes, that’s that Tommy grin … sparkling up into his eyes!  No one can smile a Tommy smile quite like my son.

I recognized a feeling I had forgotten … the pride of being a mother … a part of me … smiling back at me.  Someone who meant the world to me … knew would always be there.  Tommy!

Everything was so quiet … I whispered to my son … I’m so glad to see you … I looked everywhere for you.  Mama, I missed you, too … he said.  He hugged me with his son hug!  I hugged him back as a mother would!  Mother and son stood there … one a mere mortal … the other an angel.

We walked over to a white bench, sat among the dragonflies and flowers of many colors.  We talked forever it seemed, when Tommy stood up, said to me … Mama, it’s time for you to go … it’s not time for you to be here.  You have to go back, find the wrinkled air … go back to your life … this is my life, here.

I was so happy to see my child, know how it felt to be a mother again that I didn’t even cry.  I hugged him happily, turned knowing it was time for me to walk away.  I didn’t even look back because I knew everything was all right.

I walked the smooth, sandy path back with pure happiness in my Heart.  I didn’t mind going back to my life.  This was Tommy’s life here.  I approached the wrinkled air, turned around to look behind me … smiled.  I knew I’d find the wrinkled air later in time … I would come back to visit again.

My hand reached out to the wrinkled air … sensed the air shifting.  I moved the air back, stepped outside into my world.  I held the invisible portal open for a moment … looked back inside.

Strange how the clear air held two worlds side by side … one we live in, one that was Heaven.  Strange also, when in Heaven we can look outside into the world … in our world we look at Heaven everyday … and never know it.

If I hadn’t been looking … I would have never known I could visit Heaven … through the wrinkled air.

Note by this Author:

I was thinking about cellophane wrapping … seeing through it while wrinkled.  I thought about the world we live in being on one side of the clear wrapping … and you couldn’t see to the other side … being Heaven.

Wrinkled air … mixed with imagination became wrinkled air with shimmery dragonflies.  I have just after a very long time … decided on which dragonfly I want as a tattoo on my right shoulder in memory of Tommy … a soft green body, shimmery purple, white wings … 3D.  I will get it done in the near future.

When walking on the other side of it … you are in Heaven … our loved ones who have gone there … can look through the ‘wrinkled air’ … see us.  They can send us signs when we are grieving for them.

Dragonflies have a knack of being around lots of times when I am thinking of Tommy.  They do little strange, unusual things from time to time.  That’s my Tommy sign from Heaven.  What is yours?

Photos/story both are owned, written by me.  Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


3 thoughts on “Wrinkled Air … and Shimmery Dragonflies, Too

  1. What a brilliant piece of writing – ‘wrinkled air’ – amazing phrase and beautiful story of what is real behind what we think is real (if that makes sense!) Love you Gloria – your courage and creativity = awesome!

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