Look What Love, Prayers, Donations Did … Created a Miracle

Look What Love, Prayers, Donations Did … Created a Miracle

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/aka @GeeGranny on Twitter



















Precious Camo … Camie

Photos are all owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.  These are not the worst photos of Camie.  You are welcome to go to hers and Kissy’s Facebook page where I am posting lots of photos this week until July 4th.         https://www.facebook.com/camocameobates           Come, be their Facebook Friends.  I update almost every day.

On July 04, 2013 … I rescued a little puppy whose name was Camo.  She was a little girl puppy.

Someone had named her Camo … we thought she was a boy at first.  Our special friend in Australia chose her new name … Camie.  So, you see both Precious Camo and Camie on her Facebook page.

She was near death when I picked her up off the ground.  Maggots began falling off her body.

I brought her home not knowing how I could even begin to pay for medical care to help her.  We already had our 2 Pups and we took extra-good care of them … because we didn’t want to take a chance on one having to go to the vet.  We were making it week to week … and it was very hard.

I had in my mind that if this little puppy died … it wouldn’t die alone, unloved.  She would be with me by her side.  In my mind, I knew one way or other … I was going to fight for her to live.  I would beg if I had to … to get medical care for her.

We took her to Louisburg Veterinary in Louisburg, NC (Dr. David Fontenot).  We talked to him about Camie’s condition.  He said he’d never seen a worse case of demodectic mange.  He kept her overnight, did tests on her.  She was in a bad way.   Not only that, she’d been bitten by a brown tick and had canine ehrlichiosis.

People usually have dogs put to sleep when they are this bad off.  I never thought about doing that even for the first time.

She had no hair, had been exposed to the elements and was laying on the wet, cold ground when I found her.  Her skin was oozing with clear fluid, blood … she had no hair.  Looking at her … broke my Heart.

I was already in the grieving process for the loss of my only child, my son … Tommy.  My attention went to this little puppy, and I became determined to make her live … I wanted this puppy to know how it felt to be loved, to eat good food … to be a part of us.

Now … this comes from a person who didn’t want another dog.  For years I have been tied down to the home to make sure our Pups were loved, cared for.

I didn’t go on trips, on the road with Skip.  I’m the person who dearly loves to travel.  My love for our Pups … was most important.  So, I have missed out on many miles of traveling.  It has been worth it.

Thank God … I have traveled a lot in my younger life … at least I’m not afraid to go out my back door, even by myself … drive anywhere in this country of ours.  I don’t really need a map to travel by … I know how to go.  I’ve traveled in the past by private vehicle … and for 3 years on a tractor-trailer ( I drove, also!  🙂  At least, I got to travel …

I hope and pray to do it again in the future.  I’d dearly love to just have a small travel trailer to pull  (we used to have one years ago).  That way, we could go on short trips at least … and we’d have that … the Pups and us could go, stay long as we wanted to.

I hope we can find one by a miracle that isn’t so expensive … and in the best of shape.  Anything is possible. Not only that … if for some reason one couldn’t pay high rent always … they have a shelter over their head.

This is honestly my way of thinking.  I wish we’d kept the one we had years ago.  It would be in good shape, because we take care of our things.  I’m straying from my subject of Camie … 🙂

We would carry a portable fence, set it up as needed.  We are most protective over our Pups … Kissy and Camie.  Our Sweet Chadwick Elsworth died on January 16, 2015 during a seizure.  Skip and our 2 Pups are my whole world … since Tommy and Chadwick, died.  I have no one else … I treasure Skip, Camie and Kissy.

Getting back to Camie … Precious Camo.  She has a Facebook page where one can see all the photos I’m posting this week until July 4, 2015 … she was rescued on July 4, 2013, two years ago.

I do this each year of her life to show her new friends what condition she was in when I rescued her … they only see her photos now … would never know she wasn’t always like that.  Like me … Skip (cancer survivors) … she is lucky to be here.

The people who donate constantly to Camie’s and Kissy’s medical care at Louisburg Veterinary in Louisburg, NC (919-496-2638) … people who constantly keep our Pups in their prayers … when they look at these photos … they can see where their hard-earned money went … know it helped 2 precious Pups get better.  They can visit the Facebook page each day for a peep into their daily life.

Not only that … I am forever grateful to them.  They can actually see each day what they are a part of … what they did.  If it wasn’t for them … I can’t bear to think about it.

I will put photos here on this to show you.  You are welcome to come to her Facebook page, be her friend … see how far she has come to be here.  I update her page almost every day so, one can keep up with her and Kissy, our Rottweiler.

The link to Camie’s and Kissy’s Facebook page is:


Photos are owned by me … article written, owned by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Look What Love, Prayers, Donations Did … Created a Miracle

  1. Camie looks so much better these days thanks to all her angels – and a woman who refused to let her die!!! 🙂

    Love and huge hugs my friend!!! 🙂


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