How do You Know The Other Side Isn’t … Just Right Here?

How do You Know The Other Side Isn’t … Just Right Here?

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny




My son, Tommy … he is on the other side.  The little figure is his son at the age of two … he is on this side.  This was taken exactly one year in May 2009 … before Tommy died on May 29, 2010.  They were at this lake of water … Tommy collapsed on the sand on a bigger body of water … the ocean at Myrtle Beach.  He died with 3 blockages to his heart …



Skip and I were coming back from town.  The rain was falling … I was relaxed, almost lulled to sleep from the sound of the windshield wipers.  Sort of like listening to a clock … tick-tock … tick-tock … tick-tock.



I was looking in the distance trying to see through the rain.  Skip had gotten my attention at how dense the rain looked in the distance, saying it was raining harder there.  It looked like fog, I couldn’t see the trees I always saw when it is clear.



My imagination began to play, entertain me with the idea of maybe … just maybe … that’s how … the other side … is … you know it’s there but, you can’t see it.



Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee … I did this when I grieving really bad for my son.  Owned by me, Gloria.

Someone on the other side could throw a rock over to this side … I could know it, see … feel it.  Something could reach out and touch me … I wouldn’t see it … I would feel it.  I would sense it being … there.



I wonder if the … other side … works that way?  I wonder if like the light reflecting on glass … if you stand just right … you can see yourself … if not … you can’t see yourself … if the other side is right there … right here.



I sometimes, think maybe we walk in our visible world right through the invisible world … the other side?  Passing, re-passing our departed loved ones constantly.  Sometimes, they reach out in their own ways trying to make contact.  Once in a while succeeding …



Look out the window at night … all you see is pitch-black dark.  You know the car is parked in the drive … the lawn furniture is sitting there … swimming pool, children’s toys … maybe a snake or two, spiderweb … you can’t see them unless you stand just right to see them in the night light.



You could sense something move, turn the light on it … nothing is there.  What was it?



Hear a familiar sound in the air … you know it can’t be … that person, animal isn’t here anymore … how do we know they could be … possibly be just on the other side of the air we breathe, walk in, live in?  How do we know they aren’t just right … there?  Right here?



Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee … when I write about my life you can know it’s true, the way I see, feel, hear, know it.  If I ever write about something that is fiction, I tell you at the end in my author‘s note.



Have you ever seen the air ripple?  Like an invisible hand is trying to open it up?  Once I saw something very strange … the very air several feet in front of me began to ripple up … I was sitting on the porch talking to Skip on my cellphone.  I never saw anything excepting the very air begin ‘crumpling’.



Do you know what?  I’ve seen many strange things in my life, and this was one more.  I normally don’t talk about them … why would I?



People wouldn’t, couldn’t believe them … unless it happened to them.  I’m sure many of you feel the same way … why? … would you tell anyone.



The good thing is … depending on who you are and your reputation for honesty … people who know you … know you are telling the truth if you do decide to tell them.



When I write, I tell you when what I write about anything fiction.  Normally, when I write … all is very true.  At the end in my author’s note … I will tell you if what I’m writing is true, or not true.



Do you know … when I saw the very air begin to crumple … for a brief second … I thought I was going to see … Tommy.



I was telling, describing to Skip as I watched the air, told him what I was seeing as it happened. Nothing else happened … I didn’t see Tommy, I didn’t see anything.  Not even one thing.



The air just became normal … there wasn’t even a wrinkle in it!  For that to happen … I just knew something special, strange was going to happen … not one thing happened.



Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee … done several years ago when I was grieving for my son, Tommy.  Photo owned by me, Gloria.



Note by this author:


I truly saw the air crinkle up that day … that is so very true.  Did it make me afraid?  No … but, I knew it wasn’t normal.


Did I tell anyone?  No, only Skip because I was talking to him on the cellphone as it happened.


Did Skip believe me?  Yes, because he knows about some very strange things have happened to me, and he knows if I say it … it’s the truth.


The only words I could come up with to describe what I saw when the air was disturbed  … are ripple, crinkle … crumple … wrinkle.  Still, I know I don’t describe it in the right way.  It stays in my mind … it was amazing.  It all leads me to believe the other side … is just right there.


Photos/true color of my life owned, written by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.


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