Can You Have a Big Heart … Be a Mean-Ass at the Same Time?

Just think of a wonderful river of clear water overflowing its banks touching your toes to get them wet!  That’s ‘me’ … and I’m a good person … sometimes, a ‘mean-ass’ person.  By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




Can You Have a Big Heart … Be a Mean-Ass at the Same Time?

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




Can you have a big Heart … be a mean-ass at the same time?  Better yet … can you be a bitch, and be a good person?




Can you show your ass … still be a good person?  Be imperfect … be a good person?  A worthy person?  Are you still deserving of love?





Can you be tough, not take any shit … appear mean, tough … and still be a good person?  Have a bad reputation?  Hell, we all know people with … good reputations … are perfect … right?  Hell no.





Do you think people who look Godly are Christians?  You know the ones that look, sound so … holy.  Oh my God, you can’t believe such and such could do such a horrible thing!  Why look at them!  They look so, so … so … perfect!  So damn pure, innocent!  Look at that beautiful, clean, sweet smile!  No, they couldn’t do anything wrong, much less commit a … sin!  Yes, they can!  They will do it quicker, easier than someone … who ‘looks the part’.





I’m here to tell you … just because someone ‘looks the part’ doesn’t … mean they are.





Just because someone looks like a motorcycle rider with long hair, scruffy beard, raspy voice doesn’t mean … they aren’t a good person.  Don’t look over … there’s a motorcycle going by!  Don’t make eye contact, they might kill you, beat you up … rape you.  Not true.  I have friends who are rough, tough … who are more honest, sincere than some ‘friends’ who wear suits, beautiful clothes, and are … Godly.





Don’t get me wrong … I know some people and their looks can be exactly the way they appear … they live up to them.  I also, know … looks can be deceiving.  Some of the people I like, love best are … mean-asses with big Hearts.





How can I say that?  Because I mean it.  People … you’d never expect to come to your aid … don’t always come in … perfect packages.





Would you decline help from a homeless person who has nothing, much less the clothes on their back … all because they didn’t … look, smell just right?  Would you?  You probably would.  I wouldn’t … and I wouldn’t forget them later.  That’s how much I would appreciate their help.





I don’t judge people by their outer appearance.  I watch, listen, sense quietly … without anyone being aware that I am doing so.  I build my impressions of people that way …





Just because I look like a ‘mean-ass’ … do you think I’m ‘bad’?  This is a mean-ass photo.  I’m not responsible for the expression on my face … yes, I know it’s mine but …  (God, isn’t it ugly! 🙂




I don’t even have to hear them with their ‘hello-oooooooo’s and how-wwwwww are you-uuuuuu’s’ … (we all know that’s fake-ass anyway … don’t we?) to know they aren’t sincere.  That pisses me off when I hear that … all I can do is to look directly into their eyes … for some reason, they don’t say anything else.  I don’t know …. why.





Yes, I do … see me be … insincere … for a moment?  Yes, I know ‘why?’  People don’t like for you to not pretend to … play the game of life with them … let’s be hap-pppppppppppppppppy! when we aren’t … I don’t have time for your nonsense!





Watch their eyes become vacant … and body language change when you tell them that you don’t feel well today … my best friend was hit by a tree yesterday, then a dog bit her in the ass as a car hit both of them … I fell down the stairs a few minutes ago, hit my head … can’t you see my nose is bleeding?





They won’t even hear you … they are so caught up in their own game of life.  I have tried that … be damned … no one heard me!  It was the ‘devil’ in me … sometimes, I love to ‘test’ things so, I can later write about them.  🙂





You know … life is like this!  I would love to be an ‘Impractical Joker‘ … or someone on Candid Camera.  To catch reactions (only in a good way) of people … ‘test’ them a little!  Do I look like a mean-ass … bad person just because my expression isn’t what you expect it to be?  Well, I’m not, and I am 🙂




I know all people who say ‘hello-ooooooo’s and how-www ar-rrrre you-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu’s’ … aren’t bad.  I know that.  I know too, some of them are just dumb-asses who know no better than to say what they’ve heard all their life.  They are afraid to be themselves.  I also, know when I worked with the public … I wasn’t like that.  I let my caring, love for people show.  It meant the world to them … and to me … because I felt better for it.  I was a good dumb ass, I guess.





Even your every day preacher isn’t perfect, all good.  Have you ever had one chase you as a young girl … I mean literally chase your ass around a room … just to get a kiss?  In the name of … Jesus?





How about your school teacher … a local law enforcement officer … Sunday school teacher … barber … the good wife … good husband?  Do you think just because they are labeled ‘good wife’ … ‘good husband’ … ‘grandfather’ … policeman … trooper … teacher … that they are perfect?  That they are good people?  Honest, sincere and perfect people?  I bet you do.  No, they aren’t.





Just because you have a ‘label’ like the label inside of  a ‘brand-name’ dress doesn’t mean it won’t … ravel, tear, split just like its cheaper brands.  Why?  Because it isn’t … perfect.  It’s not … all good … it’s not … better than.  That damn fabric can do just like every other kind can … be it good or be it … bad.  Do you know that?  I think you do.





Artwork by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee … just because a dress is beautiful … doesn’t mean it’s perfect, can’t tear, split no matter what label is on it … same as people.  I know … I’ve been torn, split, worn thin by life … I am made of tough fabric, strengthened by life … yet, I cry, feel sad, love and care with my Heart … and I’m a mean-ass person sometimes … and I have a big Heart.  🙂




How many times have you worn something and it split?  button pop off?  ripped?  Be damned if my dress from Macy’s didn’t … just split!  It was supposed to be the best … not supposed to do that!





Oh my God!  That man committed a crime years ago … he served time in prison for it.  Does that make him a bad person for the rest of his life?  Oh my goodness?  Did you see that woman just steal an ink pen, and a magazine while in the waiting room of the doctor’s office?  Damn thief!  She’s bad!  No matter how good they are, try to be … they are supposed to be bad the rest of their life?  I bet you think they are.  They are … not.





I choose my friends not from their past … but as they are today.  I choose my friends who are real people … aren’t afraid to be real.  I love people who just come out, say ‘hell, I’m not perfect … I’m just me’.  I love people who are just themselves.





Now why? do I love real people who are just themselves?  Because when I choose ‘something good’ to eat … it’s like food … I want each thing to taste ‘true to its taste’.  I want flavor … the more the better … if I want to mix my flavors to get a more spicy dish, I will.  I don’t want the same kind of friend every time … in life, we all need our friends of different walks of life.





We need our good friends and our mean-ass friends … friends who aren’t afraid to walk ahead for us when we are afraid to take another step.  Do you agree?





I bet you do when you run up with something in life … you don’t know which way to turn … you are afraid.  A mean-ass comes along … offers to help you … walks ahead of you, protecting and looking out for you until you can cross the bridges of obstacles in your life.





When you get to the other side … aren’t you glad you have a tough, mean-ass friend who had a big-ass Heart?  I sure am.  Thank God for them!





Watch a movie … watch yourself.  You are rooting for the ‘bad’ guy a lot of times.  He isn’t really bad though … you see him doing ‘bad’ things just enough to do what he needs to accomplish.  Yes, I know mean-ass people who have big Hearts … I treasure them.





Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




Note by this Author:



When I write about mean-ass people I know … I am not condoning doing ‘bad’ things.  I only go by how they treat me.  This doesn’t mean people who have raped, done very awful things … though if they step out of their way to save me … I’m going to be grateful.  I’m not going to question … you’ll see pure gratefulness in my eyes.



All I have written are my opinions, thoughts.  I have the right to change my mind at any given moment.  If you talk to me in person and I say something different … that means I exercised my right 🙂



I call this way of being … my ‘Gloria Opinions’.  I have lots of them, doesn’t mean I’m always right … doesn’t mean I’m perfect.  All it means is my mind does a helluva lot of thinking.  I have to write so I will have room for more thoughts … they never stop coming.  Just think of a wonderful river of clear water overflowing its banks touching your toes to get them wet!  That’s ‘me’ … and I’m a good person … sometimes, a ‘mean-ass’ person.



Oh … I am not perfect.  All I learned in my life are from lessons I’ve been taught from doing a lot wrong.  I learned well.  I like me … today.  I hope you will too.  I know you won’t … unless you like genuinely real, and good people.



Oh … yes, I sometimes … say a cuss word.  It’s in me … I’ve known, heard them since ‘before’ I was born.  I came from a hell-raising family … I know they didn’t just stop to be holy, Godly people while my mother carried me in the wound.



I know they cussed, raised Hell all the way until I came into this world … and they never stopped when I was a child.  I had a Hell-luva childhood 🙂  That’s okay … I’m stronger, better for it.



Photos/colors of my life, opinions are owned by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.








One thought on “Can You Have a Big Heart … Be a Mean-Ass at the Same Time?

  1. I have known many kinds of people from many walks of life and found how easy it was for those I loved to betray me.

    Today I have a few trusted friends like you and Skip Gloria, but I trust no-one who can get close to me here in Middleton, or my family!

    All because money was on offer… 😦

    Love and huge hugs!


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