She Died Be-Bopping … to the Music in Her Head

She Died Be-Bopping … to the Music in Her Head
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

Photo of light in a bottle our friend made for us … I love this bottle .. so comforting …
This medicine has the potential to kill your ass.  It can make you sweat, groan, moan … have diarrhea that will dehydrate your body until you have nothing left in you.
Not only that, side effects are:  uneven walking, flopping your gums and arms at the same time, sneezing, coughing up blood, risk of heart attack, stroke … cancer.  It can cause memory loss, crossed eyes … saliva to drool from your mouth.
Feeling sleepy, faint, heart beating too fast, shallow breathing … she had just taken her medicine 30 minutes earlier … no, she wasn’t feeling well at all.  That’s why she took her medicine … she never thought to question it.
She always took her medicine faithfully twice a day … to make her feel better.  She never associated the medicine pulling her down, causing her to feel bad, be sick every day of her life.
Each time she went to the doctor he would prescribe her several more bottles of medicine.  Like a good girl … she would get her prescriptions filled, bring her medicine home … place it on the table along side the many other bottles of medicine she took … every day.
She had all her 40 bottles of medicine lined up in rows.  This row of medicine would help her heart … this row of medicine would take care of all her pain … this row of medicine would stop the bleeding in her stomach … this row ……………… it went on and on.
The doctor kept prescribing her medicine, never bothering to ask her for a list of the medicines she was ………………. currently taking.  He just assumed she was intelligent enough to know when he gave her medicine … she would know what to do.
What dumb ass would still take … all the medicines … the doctor ever prescribed her?  He never gave it any thought.
She knew what to do, all right.  She took her pills from each bottle … twice a day never knowing the toxic effect all was having on her.
One morning, she got up … ate her breakfast, began lining all her pills up on the table.  She had an extra-big glass of water ready to help her as she swallowed those pills.
Feeling nauseous, she began to stagger to the bathroom to vomit.  She never made it.  She fell onto the kitchen floor … blood seeping out of her eyes, ears, and mouth.  Her eyes stared vacantly into the distance … she was dying.
She was dying to the music in her head … the music on a commercial she always paid attention to … it advertised the very medicine she had just took.  She could hear the man’s voice listing the side effects of the medicine … she died as she moved her head in rhythm to the music.  It had such a catchy little tune …
When all was said, done … it was determined the woman killed herself taking all that medicine.  Why would anyone in their sane mind do such a thing?  Why?  There’s no way anyone would intentionally take that many bottles of medicine unless … it was suicide.
The woman never knew she should use her judgement, put away some medicines as others replaced them.  She only knew to be a good girl, take all her medicine just like the doctor told her.  She died be-bopping to the music in her head.  Such a catchy little tune.
Note by this Author:
So many people take many medicines … never thinking about the dire consequences.  As medicines are prescribed to them … they just simply place the new bottles with the old.
When it comes times to take prescribed medicine … they just simply take one, two pills from each bottle … doesn’t matter how many bottles there are.  They just know the doctor prescribed it, and it was their medicine, and they are damn sure to take it.
They never have the foresight to know … they aren’t supposed to do that.  If only they would know to question their doctor … update their medicines ever so often … at least once, twice a year.  Truly every time a new medicine is prescribed.
God help the patient who takes their medicines … and later take their ‘recreational’ medicines … drugs they purchase elsewhere.  This really happens … you see people take their medicines, plus … not only that … drink alcohol.  They never have a chance.
All photos/ written words are owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.  I’ve grown up with such as I have written.
I watched it as a little girl … I grew up with a healthy fear of medicines, drugs … so much in fact, when I went through major surgeries … I fought against the pain medicines while in the hospital, recovering at home.
I was so afraid I would become addicted to the medicines that could help me … and have to depend on them for life.
Isn’t it sad?  I still have a hard time … with medicines.  I’m always making sure I don’t take very much.  The first medicines I ever saw was on a little night table by my Grandma Alma’s bed.
So-oooo many bottles … I always was afraid she’d die if she didn’t have them.  Every time she was carried to the hospital, to the doctor … more bottles would appear.  So-oooooooooo many bottles …

3 thoughts on “She Died Be-Bopping … to the Music in Her Head

  1. I’m now addicted to Olanzapine and had addiction problems with Zopiclone.

    I used to get my medication every quarter and it was enough to last me.

  2. Ooops!!! Pressed Tab by accident! 😦

    As I was saying: I got my meds every quarter and had plenty, but now I get these same medicines EVERY MONTH and have to regulate my supply by stopping the prescriptions each time! 😦

    I’m mentally ill and a suicide risk – and they are giving me enough medication to kill me a dozen times over!!! 😦


    Love and hugs!


    • Prenin, I know you know how to regulate your medication. I’m so glad. I can understand all they are giving you. You never know the reasoning behind it. Goodnight my friend. Love, Gloria 🙂

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