Earthquake in a Snow Globe

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee … this could be a scenery in a snow globe … you know the clear glass ball of liquid, shake it up to make the snow begin swirling around the scenery …  Photo owned by me, also.



Earthquake in a Snow Globe

Skip and I were talking today about something that rocked our world two days ago.  We never saw it coming … it all came in such a way we both were stunned … it was a good thing we were sitting down.

I could see shock on his face … and I was like a mirror reflecting  his shock.  It was so much so that it felt like someone shook our world.  I began crying, once I saw Skip wasn’t going to be able to say it was a joke.

Skip got a call while we were sitting at the dining table.  He was so dead-tired from being on a trip.  The call shattered our world … though we recovered quickly … in such a way we were numbed by it.

Today we were speaking about the shock, describing how it felt.  I told Skip it was like being in a snow globe … like someone came along, picked our world up … shook it like Hell so, it felt like an earthquake.  

That’s what we likened it to.  Our world was picked up for a moment … shook like Hell … sat back down.  All is calm, settled now.  Just like in a snow globe. Earthquake in a snow globe.

5 thoughts on “Earthquake in a Snow Globe

  1. At least it didn’t shatter your globe. Sometimes that happens and when the dust settles, your entire world has changed, as you well know. I really love your artwork, Gloria.

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