I Am The Darkness … the Killing Kind

I Am The Darkness … the Killing Kind

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter



Something is in the darkness … Photo owned/of me by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.




He didn’t know I was there, much less the girl he was choking to death.  She was past screaming.  I could hear her struggling to breathe … then …

A loud gasp and a ‘what the f__k’! came from his mouth.  He fell to the ground as his hands went to his head.  He began to stand up, growling like an animal.  His hands were clenched as if he wanted to choke … he didn’t see anything!

I stood just out of reach, smiled.  He still didn’t know I was there.  Why should he?  It wouldn’t matter either way … he was a dead man.  I enjoyed playing with him.  I didn’t think he was having fun.

He turned around in circles hoping to see what had hit him over the back of his head.  Nothing … nothing was there.  He looked to where the young girl lay still.  I didn’t think he had killed her … hoping she was playing dead.

I had unfinished business … and it was because of her.  I was killing the rapist son of b____ who dared to prey on a woman, child, animal on my watch.

The bastard felt the back of his head.  I hadn’t really hurt him … yet.  He looked down at his hand in the night light … no blood.  He looked back to the young girl, began to unzip his pants.  He pulled his d___ out … he was going to finish what he had started.  He was going to get him some of that young stuff.

He kicked her legs apart.  He could see her panties.  Her skirt was very short.  He knelt down, placed his hands on her crotch.  He pulled at her panties, wiggled them down to her ankles, pulled them off, let them fall to the ground.

I watched with a cold smile … he was going to have more than an orgasm when I got through with him.  In fact, I was enjoying the wait to the right moment to send him to the other side.

He fumbled to get inside the young girl.  It wasn’t easy, he managed.  I heard the most awful scream come from her throat.  He reached for her neck … he was going to finish the little girl off this time.

He never saw me coming … I stepped out of the dark, held up my hand.  I saw a glint come off the metal bar I held in my hand.  As he was choking the life from the little girl, grinding his hips on her at the same time … I came down with all my might.

I killed that poor son of b___.  He never moved after that lick.  I pulled him off the little girl.  I wrapped my cloak of black around her, held her close to my chest.

I whispered to her that everything was going to be alright now.  Finally, she stopped crying.  She couldn’t see me, yet she fully trusted me.  She stayed in my arms for some time.

I heard someone calling a little girl’s name.  I heard a woman crying, a man’s voice soothing her, telling her they would find little Susie.  She just got lost, that’s all.  She’ll hear us, come running to us.  Susie!  Susie!  It’s mommy and daddy!  Susie!

Susie became alert, began softly crying.  She wanted her mommy and daddy.  I kissed her gently on her forehead, gave her a gentle push toward the sound of her parent’s voices.  She ran for her life.

I tucked myself back into the blanket of darkness … no one could see, hear me.  I watched as the child ran into her mother’s waiting arms.  I listened as the mother cried her heart out knowing this time, she was lucky to have her little girl back.  She would never let her out of her sight ever again.

I moved easily in the darkness where I was born, raised.  I was the darkness.  I could reach from the shadows anytime when needed.  No one ever saw me coming.

I struck with a vengance whenever I saw someone mistreating an old person, homeless person, innocent animals and children.  When I struck … no one ever came back.  No second chances here.

I am the darkness … the killing kind.




Note by this Author:

This is a fiction short story owned, written by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter.  All photos are owned by me, also.

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