Time To Go Home …

Time To Go Home …

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter




(I don’t know ‘why’ I wrote this poem … I was listening to Honky Tonk music … it just came to me πŸ™‚ Oh, I don’t drink, nor ‘is my lover with another πŸ™‚



A younger Granny Gee … photo is of me … owned by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates





A bottle of beer, country music

I have only time … and more time

I may get drunk tonight

My lover is with another

I’m all alone in this honky tonk bar

I’m surrounded by wanna-bes

Wanna take me home … play with me

How do they know

I’m all alone … feeling sad tonight

Just leave me alone

Let me drink this honky tonk beer

I wanna get drunk tonight

You know … do the whole tear in the beer thing

Honky tonk music on the jukebox

I gotta move, gotta dance

Hair swaying, hips playing

To the tune of honky tonk music

My body comes alive

He comes up swaying his hips

Wants to dance with me

I turn my back and let go

It’s my world I’m in

Leave me alone, I just wanna dance

Dance my sorrows away

Eyes closed, body moving to the beat

The world forgotten

I become the music I dance to

Honky tonk music, no more tears in my beer

I’m happy … I am music

I’m in another world

Music stops … I become aware

I’m just a mere person

Who is sad … trying to get drunk

Dance my woes away

A man here … a man there

Trying to pick me up

I’m not here to be picked up

They keep getting in my way

Seeing me as … easy prey

They don’t know I am

The strongest woman they’ve ever met

They won’t ever know … they’ll never have the chance

Get outta my way, I’m going home

I don’t want to get drunk, just wanted to dance

Now … I’m ready to get outta of here

Don’t you follow me

I’m not here for a man

I just wanted to have a love affair

Love affair with the music I love

Now, I’m satisfied

It’s time to go home

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