Just Because One is Older Doesn’t Mean … to Quit Dreaming, Wishing and Hoping

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



I woke up to the thoughts that because I am older … should I forget my dreams, wishes, hopes?

Should I just lay down, die as soon as possible because there’s no room for an older person’s dreams, wishes, hopes.

Am I too old to accomplish anything in the rest of my life?  Should I sit like a piece of furniture without thoughts until I take my last breath?

I sat, thought about this.  Hell no!  I’m not letting go of any of my dreams, hopes, wishes.  Even if they don’t come true … they drive me to be the best I can be while I live each day of my life … to the end.

Maybe … there will be one or two people to remember me, think that I was a good person while I lived.  Better yet, somehow touching their life in a positive way.

I will keep dreaming … I’m not too old.  I will wish for things I hope will come true in life for Skip and I … our Pups.

What drives me to be that way?  I love life, I wish for good in my life … my world, my loved ones.  What drives me is … pure Hope.



Note by this Author:

I woke up thinking about such things this morning.  Photo/article owned, written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

I will keep dreaming, wishing and hoping for all the days of my life … no matter how old.  I do know dreams can come true … miracles can/will happen.




4 thoughts on “Just Because One is Older Doesn’t Mean … to Quit Dreaming, Wishing and Hoping

      • Hi Gloria! 🙂

        Yes, it does touch on a few – who am I kidding; A LOT – of events in my childhood, but does not include my father’s efforts to prostitute me when I was little and a lot of other bad events I still find too painful to talk about. 😦

        I have a broken nose and scarring inside my mouth from his fists when I was eight and still get nightmares to this day, though fewer in the past year! 😦

        Unfortunately my mother denies any of this happened, I guess because her enhanced self-interest put her survival ahead of that of her children… 😦

        Love and hugs! 🙂


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