Prepared For the Unexpected ..


Prepared For the Unexpected …

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter



Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter



2016 … It’s amazing … here we are in 2016, first day of January.  We made it … we got through into another year.  Some people don’t make it … yet … we all did.


Do you know, I worry at the end of each year now.  It’s something I never did when younger … I never thought to.  Now … I do.  I want everyone to live to go into the next year … I’m tense until the first day of January gets here.  I wonder … why?


Is it because I know how easily we can lose someone dear to our Hearts?  Because at the end of the year … freaky things happen to people when their minds are distracted … their minds are on their loved ones … making Christmas and New Year a wonderful time for them.


For example … twenty-some years ago … I was shocked, saddened by the death of a woman I knew.  It was several days before Christmas … the woman was Christmas shopping.  She parked, got out of her car … to step into the ever-after.  That fast … that quick.


When she opened her door … stepped out … a car hit her, taking the door off her car.  Just like that … just like that.  She was in her thoughts of happiness and things she was on the way to do … when … the end … happened.


The end … leaving her family in that instant … her mind on them.  Did her thoughts go with her?  Fall into the air as she went from this life into the next?  She stepped out of her car … into a different world unexpectedly.  I wonder if she ever had a premonition that something was going to happen?


What about the driver who hit her?  When the door opened in the path of his car … at the very moment he was driving by … there wasn’t any way he could have avoided hitting her.  It was the moment when two things tried to occupy the same space at the same time.  The moment when something bad happened.


Each year’s end … is a delicate time for us all.  We don’t stay alert, our minds are on a most special time of the year.  Bad things can happen to us.  Our guard is down … we can get into bad accidents, be robbed, murdered.  I worry for people … when I’m out, I pay attention around me … and silly me … I watch around others as they move about me.


I pay attention to little children running around … both Skip and I do.  We’d be the first to step up if someone tried to hurt, or take a little child.  I want everyone to stay safe.  We all need to watch around us when we are out … even when home.  Times really are different now.  People are different.


No one wants to live in fear … but, we do need to always be alert.  Do you agree with me?  It’s easy to live in our own worlds never dreaming someone could have intentions to rob, hurt us.  It’s easy to run here, there … do this … do that  … not pay any mind to anything else.  It’s like … crossing the road never looking around to see if it’s safe.  What happens?  Something bad …


In today’s time … we can be sitting home or at a stop light … walking in a mall, store … eating at McDonald’s … minding our own business.  In the next moment we could be struggling for our life … Someone could be arguing somewhere, fire a pistol … hit us, a child … just like that.  Someone could decide to go joy riding … do a drive-by shooting with no regard for human life.


We now have to think about terrorists … it’s that real.  It’s amazing, isn’t it?  We never know what’s going to happen.  Suddenly our world has become a scary place.  We never worried before about such … now … it’s reality.


If that isn’t enough … our weather is crazy.  Tornadoes … pouring rains, floods creating havoc in places once thought safe.  Loss of lives, homes … everything.


Have you ever thought about how fragile we are as humans?  How little one person is in this big-old world?  Think about this … if you get in your car … or drive a big truck … you begin driving.  You are alone in this whole wide world … you really are so … little … no matter how big you are.


Wherever you go … you are only one person … it’s a wonder we aren’t overwhelmed by that knowledge.  I’m not, though.  I can get in a car, drive all over this country by myself.  Many people can … many people can’t ‘go out their back door’ … they are fearful.  I can understand … not everyone is comfortable traveling far from home.


Cellphones … our cellphones keep our faces, ears … ‘glued’ to them.  People fall … trip, get hit by cars, bump into poles … other people.  They text while they drive … when attention needs to be kept on the road. How many people have been distracted by their cellphones only to have something awful happen to them.


Whatever you do … wherever you go … the same for me and my loved ones … I pray you stay safe.  I hope you will stay just a little bit more alert around you while out and about … even at home.  We have to … ‘these days’.  We don’t have to feel afraid … just notice what’s around us at all times.  Be prepared for the unexpected … I know that we can’t always see everything coming.  We can try.



Note by this Author:


These are thoughts in my mind tonight.  I’m glad we all made it into the year 2016.

Story/Photos written, owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.


2 thoughts on “Prepared For the Unexpected ..

  1. Hi Gloria! 🙂

    Yes, we are VERY alike! 🙂

    As the man said: “Be Alert – your country needs Lerts!!!” 🙂

    Life is fleeting and can be taken in an instant.

    There is no coming back, so enjoy, stay safe and pray for a long, healthy life! 🙂

    Love and huge squishy hugs!


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