Something to Think About … Do You Leave Your Drink Unattended?




By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter



Photo owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates … iced tea in the summer time at our home …




I watched from a dark corner … it would be almost impossible to see me.  The corner was hidden by over-grown shrubbery … no one would think, or want to come through that mess.  No one … but, I. But … then again … I am unusual … different … just ask anyone who knows me.



I watch life as it happens … somehow, I have the ability to … know … where it’s going to happen.  I can sense people … especially sick, evil people.  I don’t like that I can … but, I have no choice in the matter.  I’m drawn to where they will commit their sick deeds … instinctively, I know what, when … where to go.



This hidden corner pulled at me one day.  I knew if I went slowly, easy … I could manipulate my body all the way to the back.  No one would ever know I was there.



I always carry supplies with me in my over-sized knapsack … when I leave my home … I don’t always come back right away.  I never knew where I would spend a night, day.  I also, carried protection … several forms of protection.  Not only that … I was skilled in the martial arts.  I could kick ass in a heart beat.



On this particular day I sensed evil was lurking nearby.  I sat patiently, watching the parking lot.  The parking lot belonged to a big box store.  It was a busy parking lot … in fact, I began to become aware of a man moving from car to car.  He was getting in a lot of different cars, he got out almost as soon as he went in.



I knew something was going on … I watched closely.  I pulled my binoculars out.  I saw what the man was doing.  He was pouring something into cups left in the cars when people went shopping. You know … like you and I … we take for granted our drinks will be like we left them while we enter a store.  I usually leave my big cup of tea from Bojangles in the cup holder.  I never think someone would tamper with it while I’m gone.  Who does that?



This evil being was pouring something into every cup he could get to.  He was poisoning people … they would come unknowingly back to their cars, get in … start up the car … drink some of their drink.  We all do it … sometimes, shopping can make one very thirsty.



I needed to stop him.  I began to inch my way slowly, quietly out of the darkened corner, shrubbery. I heard someone cry out … Mama!  I knew someone had drank from their cup … I heard a voice telling 911 to please come … please help!



My eyes stayed with the man who moved swiftly to a blue car.  I was almost to him … I was ready to do battle with the son of a bitch.  I was behind him … when I got closer I began to run quietly up behind him.  Damn!  He must have sensed me … he turned around quickly … saw me!



I was too far gone in my running … I couldn’t stop.  He held out a knife waiting for me to impale myself.  I knew I was going to die as I sped toward him like a speeding bullet … the blade reflected light as it eagerly waited for me.



Time slowed down like in a dream.  I was going to die … I tried to twist my body to the right just as I got to the man.  I felt excruciating pain in my left side.  The knife got me as I knew it would.  I had no way of knowing how bad the wound was.  I kept going forward, doing what I meant to do.  I would do it while dying.



I turned around, felt the blade cutting through my flesh as it sliced out of me.  The blade and I separated … I pulled my knife from its sheath … stuck it in the man’s back as he went by me.  He groaned, fell to the ground.



I jumped on top of him … he bucked me off.  I fell hard onto the pavement, quickly sprung up to my feet.  I didn’t feel any pain from the knife wound.  I knew I would be getting weaker as my life’s blood flowed out of me.  I meant for the bastard to die with me.  I jumped on him, stabbed him deeply again.  Just like pushing a knife through a big watermelon … I twisted it.  The man screamed.


He managed to get his knife in me again … I groaned with the pain.  He twisted his knife in my gut … I twisted my knife in his gut … we both were in agony.  We both screamed as if we were singing in harmony.  It was an awful sound … I knew he could feel my blade all the way to the hilt just as I could feel the pressure from the hilt of his knife.



This damn bastard and I were going to Hell together … I managed to slip my knife out of him … slash him across his throat.  Blood poured from his jugular vein.  The man made a breathy noise … I heard air.  He was going to die first … his body went limp.



I pushed him away … got to my feet.  His knife was protruding out of my stomach.  I didn’t try to pull it out.  I would die if I did.  I was going to die anyway.  I knew he’d mangled my guts with his knife.



I heard a siren … saw red lights as an ambulance pulled up.  Several people ran toward me … jumped into action to try and save me.  I drifted in and out of conscience.



I knew the man was dead … I heard one of the EMTs say he wasn’t breathing.  I heard someone say I was dying from the loss of blood.  I didn’t care … I didn’t hurt anymore.  I was past the point of feeling pain.  I felt as if I were floating.



Darkness … I died.  I was above looking down.  Someone was doing CPR on me.  I heard someone say, “breathe, damn you!”



I looked around.  From where I was … up above everyone … I could see good.  I saw several people being treated … they had drank from their cups when they got back in their cars.  I saw several people laying by the side of their cars … help got there too late for them.



I saw someone stagger out of the car close to where I lay dead … begging for help.  I willed the EMTs who were helping me to go help that person.  Sure enough they saw it was too late for me, they rushed to the that person.



A small sea of wasted life … I looked to the murderer who was responsible.  His body was covered up … I looked all around me … he must be up above where I was.



There he was!  He was looking at me … evil in his eyes, twisted smile on his face.  What could he do to me now?  Nothing.  I saw him swiftly pulled down into the earth … I knew he had gone to Hell. My attention was drawn toward the light … I began to drift toward it.



I felt warmth inside, comfort … the light made my soul happy.  I went to the light … the next thing I knew … I was in Heaven.  I smiled, took a big sigh of relief.  I was happy to give my life … to save the lives of others.  That was my purpose in life.  This was the end … the light and I.





Note by this Author:



We all do it … leave our drinks unattended in the car while we take for granted they will be just as they was when we get back.  We never think of someone coming by … opening our unlocked doors … poisoning our drinks.  Who does that?  We know no one would do that … right?



Photo, short story (fiction) are owned, written by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.




One thought on “Something to Think About … Do You Leave Your Drink Unattended?

  1. Evil people do these thngs: Remember when everything didn’t need an anti-tamper seal on them?

    Now we have to fear our food being poisoned by strangers… 😦

    Love and hugs!


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