Lord, I’m Standing Up Again …

Lord, I’m Standing Up Again …

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter



Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




The waves are battering me again trying to break me apart

I’m tossed, thrown on the sea to sink … only to rise

I tighten up … another Life’s storm comes for me

The wind … darkness … all vicious in its might

Try to destroy me … sink me to the pits of the unknown

I’m afraid … I pray for help … in the meantime I don’t give up

I hold my ground … stand up straight … I focus ahead

My hands brush the sand off my ass from where I fell

Life just threw me down once again

Stay down … stay down this time, Life roars at me

Hell no!  I try to rise, being pushed down the whole time

Tears flow down my cheeks … anger, pain soar through my mind, body

I’m not staying down even if I have to crawl

I’m like the redwood tree … scarred from many battles

I’ve stood through the years beaten, worn

I’m broken, beaten … not pretty to look at anymore

Doesn’t matter … all I worry about now

Is to survive … live until I die

My way has been hard … never easy

Each road I’ve taken has lead to pain

In my old age I would love to know peace, comfort

Know how it feels not to suffer physically, have mental pain

Be able to smile and not hide anything … smile because

For once everything really is alright

Grow old gracefully … feeling joy in my Heart

Having enough so, I can share

Doing good things for others in need

The wind has been knocked out of me

The love of my life almost died

I almost lost another part of my whole world

Oh God, I cried … please don’t take him away

He’s all I have … my Husband, our two Pups

They make up my whole world

You took my son, my only child

I’ve never questioned why

I learned to accept I’ll never see him again

I never hated you, God

I never cursed you, screamed at you for taking him away

I cried, stayed in darkness … I just couldn’t bear losing my son

You took every member of my family away

All the ones I truly loved … now, they are gone

All I have left is my whole world

Please let us have many good years

Good years where we can live in peace, not know more pain

Let us experience true happiness … instead of sadness

Lord, I am standing up once again

Please don’t let Life knock me down again

Give me a chance to know peace, happiness while I live

Please let a miracle come into my Life

Let me have a chance to do good things I’ve wished to do

There are people I want to help, bring some joy into their life

Please give me the chance to experience joy

Joy of being able to have in order to give

Let me be a part of that wonderful feeling

Let my Heart soar with happiness

Knowing I’ve done well, made a difference

Let me do special things from my Heart

Most of all … keep me strong for my Husband

Help him through his illness to get better

Thank you, Lord, for letting him live

Each day he slowly gets better

I go forward even while I’m afraid

Lord, I’m standing once again … please don’t let Life knock me down



Note by this Author:

My husband, Skip, has been gravely ill.  He suffered a stroke, his heart almost stopped.  He has a pacemaker implanted now in his chest. He has diabetic neuropathy, diabetes.  He is a cancer survivor (colon cancer).  He won’t be able to work again.

Our life has completely changed … we’ve begun a new journey in our life … we are facing the unknown.  I pray that as we go forward … all will be good in the rest of our life.

Photos/my poem owned, written by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.



4 thoughts on “Lord, I’m Standing Up Again …

  1. such raw emotion you share in this poem. So many can understand exactly where you’ve been, even if their situations are a little bit different. I loved the metaphors you used. this poem touched me at many levels. Thank you for sharing it. And many hugs and much love to you.

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