Do You Want to Know my Gloria Opinion?









Do You Want to Know my Gloria Opinion?

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter



Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



No one won’t have him … he isn’t handsome at all.  Do you think a good-looking woman would have him?  Look at all the other women he’s had.  Skanky, strange-looking women … no good women. Dishonest, treacheous … sneaky-ass women.  Always trying to find a way to take his things.



Do you think a good-looking woman would have him?  Yes, I do … if … they really knew him.  He’s a good man … kind, giving, loyal.  But … just looking at his exterior … no.



He has to get the bad women … women who have ulterior motives.  They want his money … his property.  They scheme, plot … play games.  Try to isolate him from his friends, family.  That way they can control him.  If that doesn’t work … control with anger to make him do what they want.  If you don’t do this, I’ll get mad … if you do that … I’ll be angry.



He wastes so many years to find out the woman isn’t who he hoped she was.  He goes to find another one … different face … same old games.



How sad it is … he deserves a good woman … the best woman.  He would treat her like a queen.



This was a conversation we heard taking place just lately.  Have you ever seen people taken advantage of others who aren’t good people at all?  I know we have.



That’s why this conversation stayed in my mind.  Amazing what one learns just sitting in a waiting room … listening to the sounds, conversation around you.  This was one of those over-heard conversations.



This is a true conversation we over-heard.  We talked about it later … we also, know several people who are played, taken advantage of in our own lives.



Some are women who have a little money … they attract men who want to be taken care of … men beam in on them when they hear their husbands have died … there’s surely insurance money to be had.



They want their part.  They want to sit back on their lazy asses … drink, dominate the woman, treat her like a dog … while he spends her dead husband’s money, drive his truck … kick his dog.  Oh … run around on her with every Sue, Jan, and Martha.



I don’t like, respect men like that.  They don’t like me either … they know instinctively who knows what they do … no one likes for someone to ‘see’ them when they do wrong.  If you are a friend of the woman he has his beam on … he will make sure that woman turns against you … afraid you might try to tell her, cut off his money supply.



I’ve watched it over and over throughout the years.  Same old game … different faces.  Seems like everyone would know … learn.  Sadly … some people will take anyone just to … have a man … have a woman.



My opinion … now, you knew I would have a Gloria Opinion 🙂  Learn to love yourself … like to be with yourself so, if you are ever alone … no one can take advantage of you.



If you are a widow … don’t let some Tom, Dick … or Harry come into your life to spend money your husband worked hard to make sure you would have if something happened to him.



Don’t let Dick drive your husband’s pickup truck … preening as he goes around his friends to show them what he’s got.  Don’t let Tom kick your dead husband’s dog around … kick his ass out!  Let the dog bite his ass … dare him to kick it again.



Better yet … kick Harry’s ass out … find hobbies, activities that make you … your dog happy.  You don’t need no man to bring Hell into your life while you dress his ass in new clothes, buy him jewelry to sport around … give him a free ride.  Nor … buy his ass liquor and beer … give him a license to beat or mistreat you … your children … you dog.  Kick the bastard out.



I say it one more time … love yourself, learn how to be happy with yourself.  Life’s too short to invite Hell into your world.  Think about it … why in the world would you want to do that?  Is it worth it to have a man … woman.  My Gloria Opinion is … Hell No!



Note by this Author:


Photo, article owned, written by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.  This is exactly what I think … my Gloria Opinion.


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