I’m Afraid My Dragonfly Will Fade Away …

Sitting here all alone … no one’s up but, me
I hear the cold wind blow … wind chimes ring

Snowflakes flying around … kissing the earth
While I sit here … feeling happy, sad


I have everything to be thankful … grateful for
So … why do I feel sad … about some little thing


Some little thing that was a big thing to me
In memory of someone that was my world


I wonder if I am a small … petty person
Just don’t know it … thinking I’m good


Am I just an ugly person … for wishing
Things to be right … upset easily, if not


Thinking about this … I’m sitting here all alone
Listening to the cold wind blow … feeling sad


Wind chimes rings … thoughts flow in my mind
They are on one little dragonfly that means the world


Every day I look at this little dragonfly
My hand touches it gently … like a mother touches a child


Saying ‘I love you, Son’ … this is in memory of you
I’m afraid my dragonfly … will fade away



Author’s Note:

Written, owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

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