****** NOTE ***** The Blanket … a friend of mine pointed out that the blanket on the end of the couch looks like Wickster (Chadwick … our yellow Pup who died January 16, 2015) … so, a poem was inspired by her … of course, I begin writing … that was Special!



The Blanket …
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates (inspired by my friend, Michelle Abdoo Zaccardo… thank you, Michelle … for making me imagine … that made me happy!)


Sitting there … unseen

One smiling … one wagging his tail

Angels watch over us


You can see one on the blanket
Chadwick … hunting for treats!
Tommy … sitting there unseen


I didn’t realize it until my friend, Michelle … said
‘That blanket kills me everytime!’
Why? I ask


‘The blue one makes it look like Chadwick is sitting on the arm, hiding his nose in the cushion, looking for goodies.’
That’s what she said


We were ‘talking’ on Facebook when she told me
I turned around in my desk chair
To look at … the blanket


Warmth filled my Heart as I imagined Chadwick there
The Wickster … Wick-Wick … our yellow Pup
Tears sprang into my eyes … I miss you!


I wish, I wish so much you were here
I miss you with my Heart
I hope you are here our yellow Pup!


My friend made another comment
‘he’s just sitting there with Tommy waiting for goodies & watching over Momma!
Oh my! I thought


I turned around once again in my desk chair
I looked at the blanket
It does look like Chadwick looking for goodies


I imagined Tommy sitting there
With his arm around Chadwick
Both smiling … looking at me


I miss you, Tommy! my Heart cried
Tears flowed down my cheeks
Happy tears because for a moment


I imagined you both here
Chadwick was the last Pup
Tommy knew … Chadwick is with Tommy now


Thank you, Michelle … for making me imagine
Something so Special that just might …
Just might … I pray … be true!



*Note by this Author:


Dedicated to Michelle Abdoo Zaccardo for helping me to imagine something so Special early this morning. She always knew Chadwick’s special names … one in particular that was most Special … ‘Wickster’. Now … I sit here with a smile … and happy memories.  Gloria Faye Brown Bates


Photo, poem owned … written by me  …. Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter.

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