Why Do I Write?







Why? do I write ….

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates /Granny Gee



Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter



Don’t ask me ‘why?’ I write … or write what I do. Why? I couldn’t tell you if I tried … it would be like looking at the ocean and asking, ‘where did you begin?’


So, when you read some of my poems, stories … know that I don’t live like or am like I always write about … maybe I do and I don’t know it 🙂 Don’t ask me ‘why?’ I couldn’t tell myself … when I asked ‘me’…


I can only say I write because I have no choice … it’s like drawing, doodling … it’s a part of me … whether anyone likes or not likes it. I hope everyone likes it … but … it’s okay if they don’t … I’m still going to write. I’m like the river … I’m going to flow … regardless. If a dam gets in my way … I will do my best to knock it out of my path.


I write for the pure love of writing … feeling the words flow from my fingertips … it’s like running my fingers through silky material … oh my! how wonderful that feels! I caress my words, put them up to my face to feel the texture … I can smell them when I write about grass, ocean, so on.


I can see the colors as I write … I can get lost in my own world. Sometimes … when Skip sees me writing and I don’t know he’s there … I’ll look up to see him smiling, and he’ll say, “my Baby Girl loves to write”.


Sometimes … like when painting, drawing … when it’s time to come out of my world … special place … I find it hard to. It’s like coming out of a cave into the sunlight … I rub my eyes trying to adjust to the brightness. I want to go back but, have to wait until I’m inspired once again.


If I didn’t have my whole world … my whole world being Skip and our two Pups, Kissy and Camie Precious Camo … no one would ever hear a peep out of me … they would find me in my own world … living there until I died.


My Whole World in a Photo … My Husband Skip … and Pups, Kissy and Camie. ❤


Just give me a keyboard … pencils, paints and markers full of ink, colors and plenty of ‘white’ to write or draw on and windows to look out … soft music playing … my imagination will do the rest. I haven’t even begun to write what’s inside me. I have just described ‘me’ in a paragraph 🙂  My Whole World comes first … this is second to all I love in this big, old world.



Photos of … my whole world: Skip and our two Pups … and myself

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