A Smile Hides It All …

My Smile Hides It All …

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter



Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



I am thinking of opening Tommy’s Chest … simply taking my hand to open the lid up.  Each time I’ve tried in the past several years … I couldn’t raise the lid.  My Heart was too heavy to let my hand open the chest.


Looking at me … you wouldn’t see that I carry the heaviest of weights a mother can.  It’s pure grief, pain …  you can’t see it at all.  Isn’t that amazing … something that can weight someone down … yet, it can’t be seen?


I can hide it easily now … isn’t that amazing?  I can smile … my smile hides my grief!  A smile can hide something so big … heavy!  If I’m hurting … I do each day of my life from past thoracotomy surgeries … I can smile … and a smile can hide the pain!


Think about it … a smile that you can’t hold in your hands … a smile that only your face can do … can … hide so much!  A smile weighs nothing yet … it can hide something so heavy.  Amazing.


I think about this and I’m amazed.  Have you ever thought of such before reading this?  How strong a smile is … yet, it weighs nothing.  How it can lift up spirits … yet … all a mouth has to do … is smile.


A smile can make a person feel they are on Cloud 9 … like walking on air!  A smile can warm one’s heart like a burning fireplace.  A smile can bring comfort … makes one’s world right again.


A beautiful smile is worth its weight in gold.  I know my whole world was brighter even from a stranger’s smile.  It means the whole world.


I try to smile all the time … sometimes, I don’t … suppose someone didn’t smile back ?  That hurts my feelings.  Have you ever felt that way when you smiled at someone?


A smile is a powerful weapon.  Think about it … when smiling in a good way … it’s like throwing a piece of wood onto a fireplace … all burns merrily … crackling, popping.


Imagine this … suppose someone didn’t like you … and something bad happened to you … and you see an evil smile come across their face.  It would be awful … someone smiling an evil smile … it would be really bad.


I’ll tell you a type of smile I like … the unexpected smile someone smiles when you don’t think they will smile at all.  That’s like a blast of warmth when you open the door to go inside from the cold.


I really like to smile … even when I hurt, feel bad … cry.  No matter what I do … I’ve caught myself smiling.  I do it to reassure others that I’m alright … everything’s going to be alright.  I do it so that I don’t pull someone else’s mood down.  I smile to hide things I don’t want anyone to see.  My smile hides it all.  🙂



Note by this Author:


I’m smiling now … I’m not sad at all.  I am a little under the weather with cold-like symptoms that happened a couple hours after taking the pneumonia shot.  Sometimes … when I smile … I make my own self feel better.


I am going to try to open Tommy’s Chest in the near future.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


Photo, story by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

7 thoughts on “A Smile Hides It All …

  1. that is so awesome I loved reading this, see stuff like this would be such a BIG HIT on
    MyLot people there LOVE to read this kind of stuff you did a AWESOME job on this :>}
    & just so you know I think you are a AWESOME loving caring ADORABLE person I know.

    • Oh my …. your words brought tears to my eyes … I’m honored by them … and amazed. Thank you, Gayle … I know coming from you … they are sincere. I promise to make an effort to writing on MYLot.

      • I don’t mean to bring tears to your eyes but I understand what your saying. but I want you to know that I care about you & want you do be happy in what ever I can help you with it may not be much but I hope
        it’s a help & so far from the sounds of it I think I have you in a good place.
        Where you can enjoy being online & getting to know new friends & get into writing things you want to share
        with others I’m glad you have joined mylot & enjoy being there too

      • Gayle, I am enjoying so much being there. Thank you, you gave me something to look forward to … making new friends, smiling. I am honored you care … I’ve cared since I met you before I got to know you on the other writing site. ❤

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