Pretty Legs, Heels … Short Dress Can Accomplish … A Lot


Pretty Legs, Heels … Short Dress Can Accomplish … A Lot

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter



Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



We all filed out of the car.  Damn!  It had a flat tire.  I was a girl of 15 … very pretty, full of life … good sense of humor … and I have to say I was confident I … could do anything.


That particular evening I was riding along in the car with my Aunt Ruby, and some of my cousins.  Now, the tire was flat … who was going to change it?  I didn’t know how … neither did anyone else.


A vision came to my mind … something I’d seen on a movie.  In that moment … I knew … how that tire was going to get changed.


I began smiling … my aunt asked me why was I smiling.  I told her because … I knew a way to get the tire changed.  She wanted to know how … I told her I would show her how.  I was grinning like a possum.


I was glad I had on a beautiful, short dress … heels.  As a teenager, I was dressed to … kill.  I didn’t even know the power I held … as a young girl.  I was learning.


I heard a car coming … I told everyone to … watch this!  My aunt was smiling … she just knew instinctively what I was going to do.  After all … she was a beautiful young woman … so, was her four sisters.  They all had beautiful daughters … I was no exception.


I held my own … I knew I was beautiful … everyone told me so.  People would come up to my young, beautiful mother, they would sing … ‘Mrs. Brown, you have a lovely daughter’.  She was proud of me … this was when no one realized she had a daughter.  I had come back to live with her.


As a young girl … it did go to my head.  As I became older … I learned … pretty is as pretty does … no matter how pretty someone is … if they aren’t good, kind … doesn’t matter how pretty they are.


I wasn’t thinking of that now … I meant to show my family I could get that tire changed.  They all stood back laughing … grinning, saying this was going to be fun!


I stepped up to the side of the road … stuck one pretty leg clad in a high heel shoe out for the driver of the car to see.  Not only that … I had hiked the skirt of my dress up a little higher to get attention.


Oh my!  It worked like a charm.  That car slide from brakes being applied too fast.  The driver stopped … what a good-looking man!  He was grinning … I walked with my sexiest walk up to him … asked him in a sweet voice if he could help us get that tire changed.


He wanted to change the tire … and I stood near him … I saw him peek at my pretty legs.  I looked up to my aunt, cousins … everyone was grinning.  I carried on a conversation with the man as he changed it.


He finished up … and I sincerely thanked him … so, did everyone else.  I got that tire changed … and I never saw the good-looking man ever again.  He seemed to enjoy changing our tire.  I was very proud that I could get such a … grown up thing … done … and I was only fifteen years old.


A young girl doesn’t know the power she has in her hands, I’m glad I didn’t … some do know, come to a bad end. Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Note by this Author:


I’m pretty sure that man knew what I was doing … he went right along with me … changed the tire. He liked me but … I think he knew I was just … too young.  It was fun … regardless.


Photo, true story owned, written by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.



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