Always a Grieving Mother


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter


Tonight I try to write the darkness, grief, pain away … I’m afraid. Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Darkness … pain … tears … panic … fear

Birds flutter in one’s stomach

Wings flapping, trying to find the way out

Of the bird cage they are trapped in


Trapped in one’s mind with the terrible knowledge

Oh my God … my child has died

Looking down into your child’s face

Eyes closed, no sounds … still … forever


Hand touching a precious face that used to smile

Eyelashes laying against cheeks as if asleep

Holding a familiar hand you held many times

When they were but … a little girl, little boy


Patting … feeling for warmth, comfort

You touch your child’s head, forehead … cheeks

Cold … no warmth … you look closer … oh my God

My child is gone … the knowledge is too great


For any one mother to hold inside her mind

Please help me … I’m trapped in myself, I can’t escape

Birds flapping their wings against the bars

Help me, please let me out


Medicine to calm, numb a mother’s mind

There’s no way to bear such a terrible weight

A weight no one can feel, see

Invisible grief that can break a mother down


Lips won’t smile ever again … eyes won’t open to see

A mother standing in tears … her child has died

No matter how hard she cries, begs … her child will never

Smile with those lips at her, open those eyes to see her … again


The road of grief … in darkness a mother walks

Tears of grief … from the deepest ocean of pain

She will cry them forever … always a grieving mother

Until one day she dies … her pain will fade away



Note by this Author:

Tonight I am having to write grief … today I saw a grieving mother who has just begun the long journey I’ve been on for five years.  I felt her pain, my Heart cries for her … I felt her darkness, panic, shock … her child has died.

I am feeling my own grief tonight … I’ve never seen another grieving mother.  I saw myself today … I saw the awful pain on her face … on the father’s face … as they stood side by side … looking down at a life they created … a life just taken from them.

I felt my Heart break at their pain.  Tonight I still feel as if I’ve been in a storm … a raging storm.  Tonight I’m writing the pain to help it go away.  I went into darkness today … and I was afraid.

I can only keep writing … to make the darkness, grief … pain go away.  I feel for this mother with my Heart … I feel for the father … sister who has lost her only sibling whom she was close to … for the little children left behind.  I know thoughts of them will stay in my mind … because I care with my very Heart.

Photo, true thoughts in a poem … owned, written by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

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