I Just Wish I Could Save the Whole World



Sometimes … I feel very sad … because I know reality is … people, animals … even me, my loved ones … will have to die one day … by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter



I have been watching the news this evening.  I saw video of the homes of hundreds of people being flooded … rains, river.

My Heart breaks at the thought of people having to leave their homes … possessions that make their homes a home … their life comfortable.

The closest I can come to imagining what it’s like is when we lost everything in a fire.  It happened so fast … we couldn’t save anything but, our Pups … ourselves.

I feel sad, afraid for the many people who now, face life having to begin all over.  I know there are many tears being shed … grief.  I am so very sorry.

I get the impression that now … storms are doing such damage, destruction here in the United States like never before.  I know that when we get storms in our area in today’s time … storms always cause destruction … even death.  I’m very nervous when storms come up.  It seems they are more intense now.

Do you ever worry about strangers … care with your Heart … feel pain at the thoughts of so many people suffering … people you don’t know?  Animals?  I think about such things all the time.  Sometimes, the thoughts overwhelm me … I have to get my attention on something else.  I can’t bear for people, animals to suffer.

I am bothered by the many animals we see … laying on the roads from being hit by vehicles.  Do you know … I say a prayer for every one I see.

My prayers go something like this:  I pray that you didn’t suffer when you were struck by a vehicle.  I’m so sorry that you died.

Maybe you think I’m silly for caring … it’s true.  I’ve always done this.  I’ll always do it.  I care for every animal I see.  I stop to move turtles out of the road.

My prayers are that you and your loved ones … and animals are always safe.  Lately I’ve been sad when a family lost their dear loved one.  It hurt my Heart deeply.  Of course, I felt so much caring for the whole family … and as a grieving mother … I understood what the mother is going through … will go through.  I’m so sorry … I would walk that road of grief she is on now if I could for her … I know the way … and know it well.

These are thoughts on my mind tonight as I sit here at my computer.  I feel such love, caring … for people, animals I don’t even know.  I worry for the world.  I just wish I could save the whole world.


Note by this Author:


These are true thoughts I feel … no matter if they sound silly.  I truly wish … I could save this whole world.  I know I can’t in reality … doesn’t stop me from wishing with my Heart that I could.  I’m so sorry when people have to feel pain, grief, heartache.  I know how it feels … it hurts so bad.


Photo/true thoughts owned, written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter.

3 thoughts on “I Just Wish I Could Save the Whole World

  1. I’d like to believe that more people than we know care about what is going on in this world. And, like you, most of us can do almost nothing about it. I think the reason many of us feel empathy is because we’ve experienced devastating loss of some kind or another in our own lives and when any kind of loss affects others, that loss strikes a chord in our own hearts and we respond. The one thing we can do is pray for them and their families.

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