Naked and Afraid …

The good thing about imagining something is that you can come back to reality at anytime. Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny



Wow … could you be dropped off like in an Amazon jungle … naked?  Can you even imagine?  I would be very afraid.

I find it hard to imagine so, as I write about trying to ‘feel’ what it could even possibly be like … I will imagine at the same time.  I haven’t walked in these shoes … they are some shoes I hope never to walk.

One of our favorite shows on Discovery Channel is … Naked and Afraid.  The challenges they face are almost impossible to the average person.  How many people could survive staying out in the jungle with all the dangers … naked, afraid for 21 days?

We are told nothing is impossible … I have to disagree.  Some things are impossible … for me.  I would have a fighting chance if I could keep my clothes, boots … I’d probably learn to wear a hat of sorts.

Is your imagination going yet?  I heard something … behind the rock over there!  It’s growling … I hear the undergrowth moving, rustling as whatever it is … comes toward me!

I begin praying as I looked quickly around me for a place of safety!  The tree … can I make it … I look back quickly to see the bush nearest me move violently!  It’s too late!  I run like hell, hoping I can climb the tree … I hadn’t climbed a tree since being a child.

The skin on my knees began to tear as I shimmied up the tree.  I could feel the wet, cold blood … sticky!  I kept climbing … getting to a huge limb I could sit on.  I hear the awful growling the whole time!

What is it, what is it?  I turn to sit down on the big limb, almost topple to the ground at what I see!  I close my eyes for a moment … steady myself.

A huge crocodile is looking up at me!  It had to be about 15 feet long!  Will it stay there forever to wait for me to come down … wait to eat me up?

I sat there in shock …. thirty minutes went by … an hour.  The crocodile never moved … it wanted me.  I listened to the water moving nearby … I wished it would go back home.

My ass was hurting … meaning the shock was wearing off.  The bark was digging into my naked skin.  Thankfully … the limb I sat on was wide … and not only that, I could nestle into where it joined the tree … I did just that.

I was going to sit here … forever.  I heard a sound below me.  I peeped down at the crocodile.  It’s head was turned toward the water!  I heard a soft growl as it began slowly turning toward the water.  Is it going to leave?

I looked toward the water where its attention seemed drawn.  A delicate deer-like creature stood in the sunshine, head down to the water.  The crocodile was slowly inching its way toward it.

I fought the urge to shout, scare it away … I just wanted the crocodile to leave so, I could escape.

I waited until the crocodile got closer to the deer … I yelled as loud as I could.  I couldn’t sit there, watch the crocodile attack it.  I just couldn’t.  My yell startled the deer … it quickly ran off into the brush.  The crocodile kept going until it reached the water … slipped right into it.  I was safe!  The deer was safe!

Now … to get down from this tree!  How in the world could I climb down.  The shock was gone … so, no matter what I did now, everything would hurt my naked body.  My legs were sticky-red with blood. The bark cut, shredded my shins all the way up to my knees.  By this time, I was feeling the flies biting me.

How in the heck did I get up in this tree!  I just didn’t think I could go back down it.

I heard the leaves rustling above me … wonder what that is?  I looked up, two feet away was a … giant-ass snake flicking its tongue out at me!

Help me!  Help me!  I began to scream … the next thing I know is… I am on the ground standing on both feet.  I came down that tree before even I knew it!

I now … know what would motivate me to survive … fear.  Thankfully … I had the burlap bag around my neck … I had some fruit I’d found earlier, in it.  I stood there, enjoying the fruit … something began licking my hand!  Oh my God!  What is it?

I was ready to take off running when I looked down … came back to reality.  My dog was licking my hand.  I had just been in the grips of my imagination … to see how it felt to walk in the shoes of people who are naked and afraid.

How about you?  Did you go along with me on my trip … imagine your own story?  Did you imagine you were … naked and afraid?

What one tool would you select to take with you?  I guess I would take the machete.  I’d like to take the chemical to purify water.

Note by this Author:

I like survival shows … I get lost in thinking I’m right there along with them on their journeys in strange terrain … filled with dangerous creatures, water that can make one sick.

I shiver with them as they sit in the cold with rain pouring down on them.  I wish they had made a shelter.  I am right there … along for the ride.


Photo/story owned, written by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.


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