Skip is in Hospital Again … 3rd Time Since January 2016

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter … Photos owned by me.



My Precious Husband, Skip


For the third time since January 9th, 2016 … Skip has been in the hospital … 

Skip fell twice, hurting both knees … since he came home on February 17th.  He only got worse when he left the hospital.  

He couldn’t eat, only slept … he fell twice … his legs hurt him very bad.  He couldn’t walk, only slide down. Not only that, he couldn’t sit up … when I helped him to sit, he fell backwards.



He had the ‘dry cough‘ again, meaning in his condition … more fluid around his heart.  He was very sick.  He became breathless.



Yesterday morning, I called for help … for the first time.

I had gotten Skip ready for the drive into Raleigh.  40 miles is a long ways to go (our local hospital closed down October 2015 … it is only 4 miles from us).  

40 miles is a long way to drive when someone is deathly ill.  Something told me to call for help.

I called 911.  They came, took him back to Rex Hospital where they kept him.  I was so thankful to see the ambulance drive up in our yard.

Skip’s kidneys aren’t functioning as they should, he has pneumonia (despite I kept making him change positions at home) … he has fluid buildup around his heart once again.  He can’t walk, sit up.



Skip is a very sick man.  My whole world is falling apart again for the … 3rd time … this year.  Note that I say …. 3rd time.

Remember how ‘threes’ out of all numbers play a major role in my life?  My way of thinking now … is Skip is going to get past this, and he’s going to be alright.

I will say … yesterday when I left, I felt better about Skip.  He’d been at the hospital … sent to a room … had constant care all day.  I left yesterday evening … with more peace of mind.


Our friend, Chelsea King, cutting Skip’s food up … she came from work to see Skip.  She always cheers him up with her wonderful, witty self.  We love her very much.


Skip had sat up just a little … took the few steps to the bathroom from the bed … on his own.  Everyone stood ready to assist him if he began to fall, including me. Our friend, Chelsea, helped to lift his legs … move him in bed.  Chelsea, thank-you from my Heart. 

I was already going through such grief, turmoil because … he couldn’t walk before that!  Skip walked!  Only a few steps but, his legs worked.  

Can’t you imagine the elation in my very Heart?  I have cried many tears of happiness on the way home, last night when I went to bed, thanking God.  I was so afraid.



I feel real hope again.  Everything is going to be alright. I am very weary … mentally, physically.  

I feel myself growing even more stronger as each day, event goes by.  Mentally … I am a strong giant … yet, very fragile.  

I’m weary from the battles of life but, I’m strong enough to plant both feet on the ground … meet it head-on. 

Skip is in good hands … not only that … the prayers that are coming his way non-stop … make all the difference in the world.  I’m so grateful … I believe in prayer, I believe in miracles.  I believe Skip is going to be a miracle once again.  He has survived many battles in his life, including colon cancer.  He’ll do it again.

This is what is happening in my world at present.  Strangely … no matter how bad … I know everything is going to be alright.  

Just because I say that doesn’t mean I don’t feel so weak, tired inside … I do.  I become afraid yet … all the time, I know all will be alright.

Skip is in the hospital for 3rd time …. since January 2016.  This is what is happening in my world at present.


Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Note by this Author:

Skip and our Pups are my whole world … without them I have nothing.  My world became smaller each time all my loved one died, including my only child … my son, Tommy.  You can understand how much my husband, Pups … mean to me.

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