Skip Comes Home Today … 3-24-2016

Skip didn’t come home like I thought … yesterday evening.  I’m glad he didn’t.  He needed to be observed.  He was bleeding a lot after the procedure was done.


My Husband, Skip … ❤

My whole world comes back together under one roof … today. Skip’s coming home from the hospital! ❤ Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Skip’s right kidney had quit functioning like weeks ago.  That is why Skip had severe pain in his side.  With all going on with him … the other was priority.  He went into congestive heart failure last week … he’s had 2 stents placed in his heart.  

When they did the heart catherization … he began bleeding once the sheath was taken from his thigh … the ungodly pressure they have to use to stop the bleeding … oh my!

On top of all this, he has pneumonia.  He coughs a lot.  He suffered a stroke in January … a pacemaker was put in him.  Skip has been a very sick man … the cardiologist, urologist both … said they didn’t see how he was still here.  Three times, Skip has been on Death’s doorstep.

The dye used in the CT scan blocked the kidney blockage the first time.  The urologist said that was unfortunate.  The second CT scan showed where his kidney was completely blocked.  It has been for weeks!  Thus, the pain in Skip’s right side.

In 10 days … they will go up to remove the huge kidney stone.  There’s no way Skip can pass it.  The urologist told me that the damage could be reversible after all this.

So … today … Skip comes home!  I welcome him with open arms … The Pups welcome him with … open, soft paws!  We want our most-loved one … home!

You all have been here through all of this.  I can tell you all thank you … they are the only words I have in my vocabulary to tell you … but … you can be sure I mean so much more than even I can express.

Skip comes home today!  3-24-2016

Note by this Author:  All photos/story owned, written by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter.

3 thoughts on “Skip Comes Home Today … 3-24-2016

  1. * I am glad to hear that your hospital has a handle on what is going on with Skips body. There are reasons for everything, Gloria. I am certain that these extra unpleasant obstacles are clearing the way for even BETTER things to come. When Skip gets home, he will get well more quickly & your lifes journey together will hold a new meaning. You two are SO BLESSED TO HAVE EACH OTHER & SHARE EACH OTHERS LOVE. xo 🙂 MANY GO THROUGH THEIR ENTIRE LIFE WITHOUT EVER KNOWING THIS DEEP KIND OF LOVE. We are sending Prayers and HUGS, TOO. xo 🙂

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