I May Have To Ask For Financial Help … I Have No Family Support System

April 08, 2016 … Friday … Update on Skip … and ,,, The Pups



Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter



Since January .. my Husband has almost died 3 times … stroke, congested heart failure … he had a pacemaker put in … had 2 heart stents put in … suffered a groin bleed … kidney failure, had a kidney stent put in … plus much more than I will say.  On top of it all, he had pneumonia.

For the 4th month, we have been battling his illnesses.  He has been in the hospital 3 times … he has also, fallen 3 times due to his heart failure.  All of this time … somehow, I’ve made it with my own medical conditions to be there for him.  I love my Husband with my very Heart.  I’m afraid for him.

I will have surgery later this month on top of it all.  I am going to my doctor appointments at the same time as going to Skip’s, and to the hospital.  Like today … we had 3 appointments to go to … some days there are two appointments.

Today at the doctor’s visit … Skip’s condition has taken another serious turn.  I don’t know what we will do for money, we need tires for the pickup to drive back, forwards to Raleigh (40 miles going, 40 miles coming back) … we need to change the oil.  Skip is too sick to understand, worry about these things. He always took care of these things for us.

I have been alone in all of this … no one to talk to, to go to.  I’ve been focusing on running everyday to be with Skip … praying that the pickup will hold up.  I have no one to help me financially … I can’t  just go to anyone to ask for help.

I’m in a position I don’t know what to do.  So, I will go forward, as far as I can.  If I can’t go any farther … I will have to ask for help … someone suggested to make a GoFund Me page like I did when I needed help to help our Pups.

If I do have to make a GoFund Me page to ask for help … it’s because I have no where to turn … I have no one left in this world to be here for me. This is what happens when one’s family dies out … no family/friend support system.

I have no one but, Skip and our Pups.  What I’m trying to say is … if you see me ask for help publically …. it’s because I have no choice.  I have to be there for Skip, and our Pups.  I don’t want to sound like I’m begging for help when I ask.  I’m afraid I am going to have to ask in the near future.

I can’t ask in person … I’m afraid to take from someone because in my mind I worry about them needing it.  I know I have given my last dollar in the past … and I don’t want to take someone’s ‘last dollar’.  I can’t take advantage of anyone.

I’m a giver, and I’ve never been a taker … only in extreme situations.  This is an extreme situation that may cause me to ask for help … and I’m so sorry I have to.  If you see me ask for help, just know that I have to.





This is to my Facebook Friends:  (I posted this this evening … to update everyone) …

Today’s appointment wasn’t good at all … all is more complicated. I won’t go into detail about it here, anymore. All is too serious … and our life has taken another unexpected turn … it has gotten much harder, more serious. I will respect Skip’s privacy at this point … he doesn’t want me to talk about his condition to anyone right now.

At the moment, we’ve been knocked to the ground … we are going to stay down for this weekend, rest. We both are so mentally, physically tired from all Skip has suffered these past 3 months.

Once we are rested …. strong again … we will get up … dust our pants off … and go to battle once more in our life. We have a war to win … and my fighting spirit will pull us through. I feel it fired up for the fight … I just need rest now … I’ve more than reached my breaking point.

Just like I told Skip … no matter what … all is going to be alright. Thank you all for caring. heart emoticon I won’t talk about this to anyone no time soon. Some things have to be private. I know my Facebook Friends understand. I send you all love.


Our Pups are taken good care of … always. When I leave for all these appointments … I leave them lots of water, food out. We love, pet them constantly.


2 thoughts on “I May Have To Ask For Financial Help … I Have No Family Support System

    • My friend, Mintu, your words touched my very Heart. You don’t have to do a thing, just your caring meant the very world to me for caring about Skip and I. I thank you from my Heart. I’m so touched, I feel tears in my Heart. Love, Gloria

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