Looking For Gloria … Let the Sun Shine!

Looking For Gloria …  Let the Sun Shine!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter


Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee … with Gloria’s Garraway (my Basset Hound) … on my birthday.


I go from mirror to mirror looking for ‘Me’ … I’m on a mission to find Gloria. Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.


Skip and I went to look around at the local flea market this past weekend.  Lately, we’ve been rounding up things we don’t need anymore … to sell to pick up some extra money.  Skip isn’t able to go back to work just yet.

As we were leaving … we met a couple coming in the door just as we opened it to go out.  I saw the woman’s mouth open, a smile come on her face as her eyes looked me over.  It was someone we hadn’t seen in several years.  She never said anything about how I looked … but, I knew she saw the dramatic change in my weight.  I didn’t mind … her expression told it all.

Today, we stopped to get gas.  I went inside to pay for it.  I heard someone say my name.  It was a lady I used to work with in the business office at the hospital, years ago.  I could see she was noticing the difference in me … she never mentioned it at all.  I smiled, spoke a few conversational words … paid for the gas, left.

This lady was one of the ones whose mouth fell open … when she saw how bad I looked after my son’s death.  She never asked me what was wrong.  I never told her.  Now, that I’m looking like a real person again … she never mentioned it.  I did see it on her face.

Not long ago, we were picking up meds at the Walmart Pharmacy.  We met up with one of our friends.  We all hugged, talked.  Skip mentioned to her about how I was losing weight.  She looked at me, said she really couldn’t tell it … ‘maybe’ I had lost a little bit.  I’ve lost 50 lbs. or more … my clothes were ‘hanging off’ me.  I smiled at her.

Just two days after that, we went back for something at Walmart … the woman who greets customers called to me.  She told me how nice I looked, and that I was really losing weight.  It made me so happy.  She was the very first woman to compliment me.  She asked me would I recommend the surgery for her son.  I told her that for me … the surgery was the best decision I ever made.  As time goes by, my health only gets better.  No more diabetes.

On that same visit, we were in the store, walking.  I heard someone call my name … it was someone I thought a lot of.  She didn’t mind telling me that I looked nice, really good.  I was so happy … two women told me they could see such a difference.  I felt validated … I am the kind of person who needs that.  I need to ‘see myself’ in others’ eyes … I can see how I look … but, if someone else sees it … then, I feel I’ve done good.  It means the world when someone is truthful in a good way … I don’t need lies.

Skip says I’m always complimenting people.  He is right.  I told him that I feel when people look nice, do something nice, or something about them stands out to me … I’m going to tell them.  We all want to know when we look nice, I feel they should know.  Don’t you agree we all hope, want others to think we look good when we strive to?  or if a particular color we have on … stands out in a fun way?  How would we know … if no one ever told us?

I’m no exception … I’ve been an awful-looking person for the majority of 6 years. Grief destroys one while they are in the darkness.  So, now … I’m beginning to look ‘like myself’ once again … it tickles me to no end … when people see ‘me’ once again!  You wouldn’t believe the happiness I feel … it helps me to know … I’m on the right path to … looking for Gloria!  Let the sun shine!



Author’s Note:


True story/photo owned, written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

I’m on a weight loss journey … I’m sharing real feelings, thoughts … as I travel on my new path in life … looking for ‘Me’ … Gloria.

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