It’s So Nice To See You Again!

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I have missed writing so much … it’s like I’ve held my breath for a long time. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee #writing

I haven’t been around for sometime … yet I have been around the whole time.  How is that?  I’ve been living real life … and it’s been too real … you know how it is when it seems all keeps going badly … and all you want is for it to all be alright again.

Since the middle of June my prayers have been coming true.  Skip and I have gotten on an even keel.  Skip was deathly sick many times since January of this year until June when he began to get better, become stronger … and today (August 14, 2016) is doing fine.  I’m so, so thankful.  Three times I was told he almost died and it was good that I got him to the hospital in time.

If you kept up with my last posts which are several months ago … and my Facebook where I kept everyone updated daily (you can come friend me at if you want) … Skip’s health took a turn for the worse in January 2016.

He had a stroke … his heart rate dropped so low that he needed a pacemaker, 2 stents in his heart.  He went into congestive heart failure 3 times.  Skip suffered kidney failure, had stents in his ureter, had surgery.  He was placed on a blood thinner … he had 3 life-threatening nosebleeds … who knew one’s nose could bleed so badly!  He had to be hospitalized, given 2 pints of blood.  He had a heart catherization … and almost bled to death when they pulled the sheath out … he could have bled out in 7 minutes.  It took 2 nurses ‘digging their fists’ into his thigh to put pressure on it for 30 minutes to stop the bleeding … they had to give Skip morphine while doing it … the pain was awful.  After 30 minutes, they placed a contraption on his thigh to put pressure on for another hour.

Skip suffered so much during those 6 months … that it’s like a whirlwind trying to remember it all.  When he wasn’t in the hospital we were going to his many appointments.  On top of it all I was going to my appointments, had surgery.  I was running back, forwards to the hospital 80 round trip each day.  I never went to bed to rest from my own surgery … in fact, I was so afraid for Skip that I was going to the hospital, walking long distances to get to his room … I didn’t focus on the pain and how I felt, I didn’t have time.  Skip and our Pups were my priority.

This moment as I think back … I can’t believe how much went on and how it never stopped.  I didn’t have any family … any money.  I began panicking about how I would be able to afford gas to go 80 miles every day to the hospital …. I needed tires for the pickup, and an oil change.  I needed dog food, I needed everything.  I turned to my Facebook friends and asked them for help.  I was so amazed, so thankful … everyone began helping me.  I was grateful … no amount of words could express how I felt.

We made it through all those bad times.  Now … we are making it on a limited income … no extras, no frills.  That’s okay … Skip is doing good and for about 7-8 weeks … Skip has been on an even keel doing well.  I am so thankful!

We had many, many prayers sent our way … I don’t know about you … but that means the world to me.  I am a believer of prayers and miracles … I know what I’ve seen … experienced in this life of mine.  I know wonderful, strange things happen in mysterious ways when we least expect it.  I believe in God.

Skip is wanting to go back to work soon.  He won’t be driving long-distanced anymore … we want him to work locally in sales, or driving locally.

I will be writing once again … I have been wanting to write for some time.  I didn’t have time to sit, organize my thoughts.  Now … I’m back.  I’m so glad to see you!

Note by this author:

I am so glad to be back writing.  I’ve missed it with my Heart.  My whole world was upside down … in the past weeks it seems to have settled back down.  I was on a roller coaster and couldn’t get off.  I held on until it stopped.  I’m so thankful Skip is on even keel.  I’m so thankful for Skip, our Pups … they are all I’ve got.  They are my whole world.

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