UPDATE on SPECIAL PUP …. I Posted on Facebook this am


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Gloria Faye Brown Bates 2016 … aka Granny Gee



At 7:00 am this morning I got up, dressed without taking time to do anything … went straight to the dog Skip and I have become guardian angels to. Why? I asked several people to always look there to see if the dog seems to be in distress … to text, call me to let me know so I can go straight to him. That’s what happened … I got a text to let me know he seemed to be just sitting there out in this wet weather.

The strange thing is that I had just woken from a crazy dream where I saw smoke, and a house fire on a big hill! Could it have been Special Pup thinking of me, hoping I would come to help him? I had him on my mind. That’s when I got a text about him!

I jumped into the pickup … went to him … there he was sitting there, cold and wet … and tangled up. He couldn’t get to his house. I went straight to him … began leading him around the two trees his chain was wrapped around … that sweet baby couldn’t wait to get inside his house!

I made sure the waterproof cover we put on it was secure …. went ahead put his food in a little stainless steel bowl … put it inside his house with him so, it will stay dry until he eats it. His water was good. I had an extra gallon of water if needed.

My prayer is that somehow the man could somehow open his eyes … ‘see’ his dog is more than just a … dog. I wish somehow a fence would appear so he isn’t on a heavy chain. I wish for a good dog house with a little shelter for his dry food bowl to stay dry during bad weather to appear. I can’t say I know this can’t happen because in my life I’ve seen bigger miracles … this would be another big miracle. I would provide that for him if I could possibly could.

I can be there for him … I can walk to him in really bad weather if needed with Skip by my side. I am so thankful I can walk a couple miles or more easily now. I’m so thankful my body is so strong now.


We know in our Hearts we need to give that Pup (I call him Special Pup) … all the comfort we possibly can. We share our Pups’ food, and treats, take water to him. We love, talk to him and let him feel our love.

I hope somehow when we have to walk away from him that our love stays in his mind and somehow he is warmed by it when it’s so cold outside where he has to live. No dog should have to live in all kinds of weather without any comforts to make his life better. He has my over-sized sweat shirt to sleep with inside his house … thankfully the man put a lot of soft wood shavings in there.

Remember … I don’t judge this man because I can tell he is like I was many years ago … he can’t ‘see’ that a dog is a living being and is loving and needs lots of attention. To him the dog is his ‘guard dog’ … no more no less. He’s never opened his eyes to know what we animal lovers know … he’s never looked into a dog’s face into its eyes to see that they are windows to the dog’s soul … he’s never seen all the love, pain, grief in that dog’s eyes.

I was like this so many, many years ago … I wasn’t brought up to have pets and there wasn’t any way I could ‘see’ … later when I was an adult … I opened my eyes slowly and it took so much time! … oh the grief I felt when I looked back at the dogs I couldn’t ‘see’ … the feelings they had. It isn’t that I didn’t care and I’m sure this man is like that … it’s because one doesn’t/didn’t know.

This beautiful white dog has so much love, doesn’t bark or growl at us … he talks to us and like our Kissy he wiggles, waggles so much from happiness to see us.

Thankfully, Skip and I have at least 2-3 extra pairs of eyes I trust will let me know if they see this Pup sitting outside away from his house … 9 out of 10 times he is tangled up and can’t get back to his house. I thank God for them. Thank you sweet girl for texting me this morning. Special Pup needed me!Just let me know and I’ll go to the Special Pup’s aid … night or day.

I worry about him at all times … and when it gets really wintry … guess who will be constantly checking on him? The man stays gone a couple days at a time … I have to go make sure the Pup is okay. I can’t stay warm, eat when I’m hungry unless I know he can be in his house, have his food, water … (thankfully Skip is just like me! He is the most perfect husband for me … we are so much alike. He and I would get up anytime day or night to go to the Pup … sick or not sick).

I will keep everyone updated on Special Pup! Don’t judge this man though I know it’s easy to do that … I almost did. I don’t look any farther now … than what Special Pup needs. I try not to think about the man … not have negative thoughts.

I will say this … I keep in the back of my mind that the man will wake up enough … to think that his dog would be happiest with us.

Truthfully, the dog is a a pit bull … and if anyone else got involved … I know the dog’s life would be the end … just because of his breed. I don’t want anything to happen to him … we are here for him.

I’ve never wanted a pit bull dog, I don’t need another dog … or the responsibility … I can’t afford another dog’s expense of food … I sure can’t afford medical expenses for our Pups anymore… much less for another dog. BUT … if this man gave me this gentle, sweet, precious dog … I would take him, bring him home, care for him and if I could let him go … I’d get him the best home. If not … he would have the most loving home ever with us. I believe in prayers, miracles … please keep Special Pup in your prayers … I know good things would somehow work to happen in his life. If you could ‘see’ his eyes, his face … he would melt your Heart. He has our Hearts now.

Wake up to a whole new world you’ve never been aware of. Educate yourself on how to love, care for your pets … to see them more than just a dog … cat … animal. I promise you that your life will change in ways you never believed. Pets are meant to be taken the best care of if they are your responsibility. I promise you if you look into a dog, cat’s eyes and ‘see’ … your life will change in good ways. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

 Note by this Author for Every Person Who ‘Can’t See … Dogs, Cats … Animals:

Don’t read below unless you want my words to stick in your mind … change your life and how you look at animals.  I promise you this … you will constantly think about them, change toward animals, pets.

True story of my life at present.  I don’t judge anyone … I just do the very best I can to bring love, comfort to Special Dog … both Skip and I do.  This man has no idea how to treat a dog … he’s never been taught … he’s never seen that dogs have feelings … love.  I’ve seen the love the dog has for the man … the man doesn’t think about love when he looks at the dog.  He doesn’t know any better.

I know there are many people who are ‘out there’ … that don’t ‘see’ … understand how people can love dogs, cats, animals like ‘us animal lovers’ do.  I was like that as a very young person as I never was allowed to have a pet … it took until my adult years to ‘wake up’ one day … see all I had missed on loving dogs in my case ( I love all animals).  The grief I feel through all the years when ‘I didn’t know better’.

Wake up … look into an animals eyes … you will be amazed at the intelligence, unconditional love you will find.  I warn you though … if you ever see the feelings in a pet’s eyes … you will never be the same. You will find yourself caring in ways you never knew you could.  Not only that … pets love you unconditionally and are more loyal than any person … no matter what.  Wake up … you will see you’ve been co-existing in a world beside a world you haven’t been aware of.  That’s what it means when you are told to … wake up.  Take a look to the next level … see things you didn’t know.  Are you brave enough?  Do you care enough?  I believe you do.  I believe in good … in miracles.

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