I Can’t See For Looking …

Photo owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Isn’t it amazing when all the time you are looking at something … you think you see the whole picture?  Isn’t it strange when there’s so much in front of you … that you don’t see?  Even pure danger … even something mysterious, wonderful.

I remember one time when we were in Brazo, Texas at a rattlesnake farm.  The man took us to look in some pits to see rattlesnakes.  I sort of scoffed at it because in my mind I knew I wouldn’t see any rattlesnakes.  You know how it is when you really want to see something … it seems … impossible.

I stood at the round rock wall that surrounded a pit, looked down.  Sure enough I couldn’t see anything just like I knew would happen.  I stood there looking at all the weeds, rocks … boring!  Then magic happened!

I became aware of one rattlesnake barely moving … as my eyes adjusted … oh my God!  There were ‘millions’ of rattlesnakes moving all around in that pit!  Oh my!

I became very alert.  I knew if there were so many rattlesnakes in the pit … there bound to be many rattlesnakes all around.  After all, we were in Texas.  They don’t have roundups for nothing.  Rattlesnakes can crawl everywhere …

Anyway … this is an example of what I mean when I mention about seeing … but not seeing.  Not seeing even when something is right in front of you just like the ‘millions’ of rattlesnakes right in front of my eyes!

This is like people who have pets … keep them outside … don’t feed, care for them … the pets are seen as objects.  These people can’t see what’s in front of them when they look at their pets.  Oh, think of all the pure love right in front of them as they treat their pets badly.  No matter how they starve, neglect their pets … they never ‘see’ the love, hurt … staring back at them.  The lucky people who finally ‘see’ one day are the ones whose lives are completely changed.

They become aware of looking into a pet’s eyes … stop, really see that it has feelings.  See such love, pain in their pets’ eyes.  Once a person really sees, becomes aware … there’s no going back.  It changes a person to one who instantly begins to care about their pets.  They begin to feel the love … as they nurture their pets … they are rewarded with kisses, wagging tails … a happy jumping jack body as the pet comes alive as it’s showered with caring, love.

Think of the people who can’t see for looking.  They miss out on something magical, wonderful when they can’t see.  It’s an honor for an animal to give you unconditional love no matter if it’s scolded, no matter the hateful-ass people who kick, slap their pets.  Look at what they are missing out on.

I think of many things when I think of seeing … but not seeing.  I even think about the afterlife.  I wonder … what it is … that I’m not seeing when I look so hard sometimes … hoping to see my son again.

I think I’m going to study this.  You know … like try to look not as hard … let my eyes adjust.  Who knows what I might see?




NOTE by this AUTHOR:

Photo, story owned, written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

These are things I was thinking about tonight.  I keep thinking about people not seeing anything when they are looking … even me.  I am thinking I want to see, be aware of everything.  That means I have to slow down … take my time … hopefully become aware of things I didn’t know are there.  I wonder what I might see?

3 thoughts on “I Can’t See For Looking …

  1. I am not allowed pets here because I live in a communal block, but I couldn’t give much love to any creature as dad taught me that they can be killed horribly and you can do nothing to prevent it… 😦

    I feel as you do about animals, but the fear of being hurt limits me.

    Childhood scars last a lifetime… 😦

    Love and hugs! 🙂


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